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Customer Service — How to Deal
with Unsatisfied Customers

Customer satisfaction is the silver lining that all businesses must
prioritize. If a customer is not satisfied, there’s a big chance that
he’ll turn to other competitors. At worst, the customer may even
leave bad reviews that can damage the reputation of a business.
Call centers are the modern solutions to impaired customer
satisfaction rates. They bridge customers to businesses, and vice
versa. However, many call centers still lack the proper means to
satisfy their customers. These centers have become processoriented rather than customer-focused.
Are you planning to build a customer call center with the right
mix of strategies? Or perhaps you have a center and wanted to
shift to a customer-based paradigm? Whichever is the case, you
can benefit from the best tried-and-tested strategies applied by
many successful centers.
Be Creative in Saying ‘No’
While you shouldn’t say no to the customer, there are times when
you need to decline. Without a doubt, customers hate receiving no
for an answer. In case you have to decline, you need to do it
creatively. Rather than saying no blandly, why not offer
alternatives that the customer can take? This isn’t effective all the
time, but you’ll somehow be hedged against negative feedback.
Also, agents who are well-versed in ‘creatively declining’ are best
assets to the company.
Offer Solutions Pleasantly

The next tactic that’s effective in improving customer satisfaction
is to offer solutions in pleasant ways possible. Understand:
customer reaches out to a business because of a potential problem.
This should be the mindset of everyone in your call center. By
embracing this mindset, you can come up of solutions to wellknown customer problems in the niche. If your center can solve
problems, then customers will invest their trust. Solutions should
be presented in a natural way, rather than through an artificial and
bland manner.
Smile — Customers Know It!
Due to our genetic buildup, we’re aware if a person over the line is
smiling or not. A smiling agent will be able to finish the call
smoothly and can even defuse the rage of an irate customer. That’s
the effect of a warm and tender smile. Outbound agents are highly
encouraged to smile while talking to customers because the simple
manner can yield possible sales.
Create a Happy Disposition
Just like smiling, customers will know if an agent is happy or not.
Besides, how can you smile realistically if you’re not happy? A
happy disposition will place anyone in a good mood, and this can
affect customers positively. So, teach your agents to spread the
warmth of happiness or create a happy mental state before taking
Be Involved Proactively
All agents must be involved in problem resolution methods.
Agents who are dissociated will never gain the trust of customers.
Proactive action is needed. Instead of going by the book, your
agents must exercise independent decision-making and sharp

thinking process. This is even truer if the customer has complex
problems to deal with. To help your agents become more
proactive, you should hold trainings that’ll help them deal with
pressing situations. The trainings must be interactive enough so
you’ll know who can be the star performers of your center.
Empower All Agents
Agent empowerment is one of the hottest topics in the call center
industry today. Apparently, it’s also the most important part as
well. Empowered agents will become more committed to their
jobs, causing them to do a little bit of extra than what’s requested
of them. These agents will also go the extra mile to satisfy
customers by presenting adequate solutions. But how can you
empower agents? Do you need to pamper them with gift
certificates and pats on the back? This can be done through a
combination of efforts. Praising agents is a great start, but you
need to dole out rewards as well. Rewards will keep your agents
going and they’ll become more competitive. You need to be patient
with the process of agent empowerment. Results may not come
Train Agents in Customer Satisfaction Standards
Customer satisfaction trainings are important for every contact
center. One training session is not enough; there should be
multiple trainings that’ll serve as refreshers for your agents.
During the training, different issues must be addressed. Do your
best to brainstorm with your agents so you’ll know what
challenges they’re encountering. If they’re falling short on
customer satisfaction metrics, you must be able to pinpoint the
main factors. Training agents for customer satisfaction standards
will take time and resources.

Set Proper Expectations (Tricky)
How do you set the right expectations for your agents? What
expectations must be set? These questions can be tricky because
you need to balance out the needs and wants of your agents. It’s
safe to assume that agents want compensation for their time and
efforts, but you need to go beyond that. Agents expect your center
to be a second (or third) home that they can belong to. They would
also expect for a community where they can express their thoughts
and ideas without prejudice. Once your center can meet these key
expectations, they will start solving customer problems with
smiles in their faces.
Groom Future Center Leaders
Many call center experts believe that future leaders should be
groomed by their superiors. Eventually, these leaders will be able
to handle the most complicated cases with ease and accuracy. Such
leaders will also be responsible for training other agents in the
proper ways of dealing with customers. Grooming center leaders
will definitely take time and a multitude of continuous training
Understand the VOC (Voice of the Customer)
The VOC or voice of the customer is a standard template used in
predetermining the desires of the customer. Aside from that, VOC
can also emphasize different customer quirks that can be useful in
solving problems. Therefore, agents should be trained in proper
VOC analysis. All angles must be explored to help agents
understand the position of their customers. This way, agents can
come up of natural solutions for all customers’ problems.

The aforementioned tactics are formulated according to the best
interests of the customer. There should be no other way — call
centers must focus on the customer paradigm. Changing the entire
center can be difficult. So, you should start from the ground up.
Train your agents in customer satisfaction standards today, and
see the results in few months’ time!


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