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Performance analysis of an air conditioner in domestic setting using
CFD simulation
In today’s world air conditioning is almost used everywhere for the human comfort. Thus,
analyzing the performance of air conditioning and temperature distribution of the air conditioned
is essential. This model work focused on numerical study of temperature distribution of an air
conditioned room and performance of a 1.5 ton rating air conditioner (AC) using CFD simulation.

Figure 1. Model room with an air conditioner
The model room with an air conditioner is shown in the above figure. The closed room with a
dimension of 12m x 12m x 2.5m and air conditioner inlet opening length of 1m. Two slits in the
AC are used as an Inlet. The numerical domain (mesh) is created using Hex-dominant parametric
method. The final mesh consist of 2.8 million cells and all the mesh quality parameters are passed.
The final meshed model is shown in the figure below.

Figure 2. Finalized mesh of the model (room with an AC)
The model is finely meshed using volume, surface, layer and edge refinement options. To get an
accurate and reliable results from the mesh then the 𝑦 value should be in the range of 30 to
300 (log law region). Because, if the 𝑦 value is higher than the range, then wall function of
turbulence model may incorrectly calculate the flow properties. The wall function is not necessary,