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Media Contact:
Reddit: u/Bluy98888
Discord: Bluy98888#0698
Subreddit: r/YamRepublic

Official Response to Anonymous Claims
Untruths, half-truths and misrepresentations abound in an inflammatory opinion piece.
YAM REPUBLIC, MAY 29, 2017 -- It is hard to argue against the populist rhetoric of a
misdirected yam, one that I have no issue with debating if they ever agree to one, but for now all
I have to base my response upon is whatever threads of an argument he has managed to pull
together to form this unreasonable conspiracy theory.
I feel that just by responding I am granting this much more legitimacy than it deserves, but my
response itself is meant to show how I truly care and take the time to address any yam’s
complaints, even and particularly if they are directed against me or my peers.
The first “complaint” is that the document is a farce, and I struggle to see how that would be as it
has been ratified by the people and even myself (as an eternal leader), to further ensure that all
its sections are followed I myself placed it as the first rule of the subreddit, giving it legitimacy.
Having the backing of the leaders rather than making the document less binding makes it more
The the leaders were blatantly attacked saying that we hold unilateral control “The eternal
leaders control the military, the Yamliament, the courts, the money and even our freedom of
speech and expression”. Certain bits of this is true, the leaders are the judges in the supreme
court, but this is once again to ensure that the rules are followed. The leaders are the
moderators of the subreddit, and therefore we must have the power to moderate (although we
still have to follow the Yamstitution), the leaders were chosen for this position for two reasons,
the first being that we were already moderating so this just formalised it and the second is that
this allows the court to exert real punishment, which is one of the four pillars of the judicial
I must admit that certain leaders have high ranking positions in the military, however many of
the top positions are not held by eternal leaders, and even if they were your allegation shows a
complete lack of the understating of our republic’s history, it is not that the leaders went and
took over the military, but that I (as a high ranking member of the military) approached the
leaders with a series of reforms and then they decided to accept and elevate us to the position. I
would argue that this distinction is important as it shows that Eternal Leaders are not out to
subvert the system. Of course you may then argue that it is the same difference as leaders still

have a hand in the military, but I find it frankly insulting that anyone believes that I, founder of
the diplomatic corps, veteran of both wars for our republic, the person who started the whole
democratic reform process and a leader of our great republic would do anything to subvert its
integrity. I have repeatedly stated that my mission is ensure the continued growth of the
republic, and I have tirelessly worked for that purpose, so I am not about to let an anonymous
yam destroy all that work because they wanted to stir up some trouble.
They continue complaining that the leaders still control the yamliement, and I would ask him to
state how, it is true that we are giving a seat (without a vote) so that we can express our opinion
towards legislation, as we are trusted within the political sphere, however since we can’t vote we
are only as powerful as our rhetoric allows and representatives are free to ignore us if they so
Then we get to the issue that we control the nebulous idea of “the money” despite me not being
entirely sure what he is talking about here (as the economy is not even fully implemented yet) I’ll
give it a crack. If he is drawing a correlation between the faces of the people in the currency
(and that even includes the president) and any actual control, I am hesitant to see how that
would give us any actual control as the images are purely decorative. As to having any control
over the “Economy” which I would believe to be a more valid concern I would say that that claim
is simply false, to any of those who have worked in the drafting of the bill or the actual practical
implementation it is clear that I take an active role in suggesting features and changes (as it is
my right) but ultimately the bill was presented by the conservatives, passed by the yamliement,
enacted by the president and then the implementation is in the hands of the VP and the
Yammetary of the secretary.
Somehow they also manage to claim that we control their freedom of speech and expression, if
by “control” he means “grant” then yes, but I find it baffling that he could say that to the same
people who ingrained those freedoms in the Yamstitution. Furthermore, I was contacted by the
chief editor of the paper with information that there will be a story I wouldn’t like (and I don’t)
however then (seen in image below) and now I want to reiterate that I will allow people to write
whatever they want (as is their right) and I will respond (as is my right).

The rest of the article is a rant about how we are shadowy puppet masters, despite us being
some of the most public faces in the republic, who have worked the most to see it flourish. I
hope that this article has cleared some of the misconceptions with the work of the Eternal
Leaders, I am still happy to clear up any thing that I have forgotten, just mention me in a
comment under the post or PM me u/bluy98888.


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