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Journal of Diagnostic Imaging in Therapy. 2014; 1(1): 1-19

Grachev et al.

Figure 3. In the top row, a PET image summed from 1 to 30 min after bolus injection is
shown. The T1 weighted MR image in the bottom row is coregistered to the PET image.
The highest activity concentrations are found in the A2A receptor-rich striatum.
This shows that in all four subjects the tissue response functions reached a maximum on average at 3
minutes post bolus injection of the tracer. A relatively rapid reversible component of uptake was
combined with a slower and apparently irreversible component with considerable inter-subject
variability. In Subjects 1 and 3 (left) the rising plateau of irreversibly bound activity was much more
marked than in Subjects 2 and 4 (right) whose tissue TACs showed mainly reversible characteristics
reaching a nearly constant activity concentration at the end of the scans for all considered ROIs. The
between subject variability in this cohort of four subjects is quite pronounced which complicates
production of a coherent model describing the observed kinetics across regions and subjects.

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