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210-255 Dumps
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Xsan Admin configures Xsan clients via ________.
A. fsmpm
B. cvadmin
C. xsanadmin
D. servermgrd
Correct Answer: D
Xsan's organization of physical storage devices into volumes, storage pools, and LUNs is known as
A. distribution
B. attachment
C. virtualization
D. physical storage
Correct Answer: C
In a disk-to-disk-to-tape backup solution, the tape is intended to store ________.
A. metadata and journal data
B. data from LUNs over 2 terabytes in size
C. data from storage pools with no affinities
D. archives and files not needed immediately
Correct Answer: D
Which statement describes a potential issue for an Xsan installation that does not use Directory
A. Group membership cannot be assigned using Finder.
B. Xsan data throughput is slower without Directory Services.
C. Unix ID duplication might enable unauthorized access to files.
D. Users cannot set group permissions for files saved on Xsan volumes.
Correct Answer: C
You have enabled access control lists (ACLs) on your Xsan volume. Now you want to set up an
ACL for a folder on that volume. What application should you use to do so?
A. Xsan Admin
B. RAID Admin
C. Server Admin
D. Workgroup Manager
Correct Answer: D
What is the minimum number of hard disk drives required to create a RAID 1 array?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

Correct Answer: A
Which statement represents an advantage of Fibre Channel switches over Fibre Channel hubs?
A. Switches use FC-AL protocol.
B. Switches support point-to-point connections.
C. Switches enable the use of fiber-optic cabling.
D. Switches allow multiple, simultaneous connections.
Correct Answer: D
Which statement is implied by the concept, "information lifecycle management"?
A. All data should be backed up in a weekly cycle.
B. Disk-to-disk backup should be used for archival data.
C. Data should be regularly cycled between backup devices.
D. Storage resources should be allocated according to importance of data.
Correct Answer: D
When a quorum vote takes place, which metadata controller will take over?
A. The controller with the most RAM.
B. The controller with the highest priority.
C. The controller with the fastest processor.
D. The controller with the most recent version of the SAN file system.
Correct Answer: B
With which daemon do Xsan clients communicate in order to discover available Xsan volumes?
A. fsm
B. fsmpm
C. watchdog
D. servermgrd
Correct Answer: B
Which statement presents a disadvantage of RAID 1?
A. high hardware cost
B. no data redundancy
C. need for a dedicated parity disk
D. need for host-based, software RAID
Correct Answer: A
You have an Xsan volume that contains user data. Which THREE changes to its configuration will
cause you to lose data on the volume?
A. renaming the volume
B. renaming a storage pool
C. adding LUNs to a storage pool
D. adding a storage pool to the volume
E. changing a storage pool's stripe breadth
F. changing the volume's allocation strategy

Correct Answer: ABE
In order to assign an affinity using Xsan Admin, the Xsan volume must be ________.
A. unmounted from all clients
B. mounted on at least one client
C. mounted on the active metadata controller
D. unmounted from the active metadata controller
Correct Answer: C
What port settings should you use when configuring Apple host bus adapters (HBAs) and Xserve
RAIDs on a Qlogic switch?
A. Device Scan enabled on host machine ports and on storage device ports.
B. Device Scan disabled on host machine ports and on storage device ports.
C. Device Scan enabled on host machine ports, and disabled on storage device ports.
D. Device Scan disabled on host machine ports, and enabled on storage device ports.
Correct Answer: D
You are tuning an Xsan volume constructed from Xserve RAID LUNs.
Xserve RAIDs have an optimal transfer size of 1 MB (1048576 bytes). Given a block allocation size
of 16
KB (16384 bytes), what is the optimum stripe breadth for the volume's storage pools?
Click the Calculator button below to display a calculator for use with this question.
The C button on the Calculator clears all previous entries.
The CE button clears the last entry only.
A. 64 blocks
B. 65 blocks
C. 168 blocks
D. 256 blocks
Correct Answer: A
Xsan volume names can only include ________.
A. low-ASCII characters
B. uppercase letters and numbers
C. lowercase letters and numbers
D. letters, numbers, and underscores
Correct Answer: D
You need to verify that an Xsan volume is running. Which process should you look for?
A. fsm
B. slapd
C. slurpd
D. lookupd
E. servermgrd

Correct Answer: A
Which THREE are valid Fibre Channel network topologies?
A. Star
B. Parallel
C. Token Ring
D. Point-to-Point
E. Arbitrated Loop
F. Switched Fabric
G. Unswitched Fabric
Correct Answer: DEF
In a RAID 5 array, what happens to the data on a hard disk drive that fails?
A. The data is reconstructed from parity data stored on a dedicated drive.
B. The data is reconstructed from data stored on the metadata controller.
C. The data remains in the array on a mirror drive that replaces the failed drive.
D. The data is reconstructed from parity data striped across the other drives in the array.
Correct Answer: D
The image above shows a portion of a pane in Xsan Admin. What happens if you click on the
circled button?
A. A new LUN is created.
B. A new volume is created.
C. A new RAID array is created.
D. A new storage pool is created.
Correct Answer: D
A host bus adapter (HBA) is ________.
A. a copper cable that connects Fibre Channel nodes
B. a fiber-optic cable that connects Fibre Channel nodes
C. a command sent by the metadata controller to halt bus access by clients
D. an interface card that allows a computer to connect to a Fibre Channel network
Correct Answer: D
What tool should you use to view the World Wide Port Nodes (WWPNs) for an Apple Fibre Channel
PCI card and an Apple Fibre Channel PCI-X card?
A. cvadmin
B. Xsan Admin
C. RAID Admin
D. Fibre Channel Utility
Correct Answer: D
You have created an Xsan volume with two storage pools, each composed of two LUNs. Where is

the Xsan volume's metadata and journaling information stored?
A. on the first LUN in each storage pool
B. on the second LUN in each storage pool
C. on the local drive of the metadata controller
D. on the first storage pool you added to the volume
E. on the second storage pool you added to the volume
Correct Answer: D
If you create multiple storage pools in a volume but do not use affinities, you should ensure that all
the storage pools ________.
A. have different RAID levels
B. contain metadata and journaling data
C. provide the same data transfer rate to the user
D. appear as separate folders on the Xsan volume
Correct Answer: C
In an Xsan implementation, what TWO types of devices are connected to a Fibre Channel switch?
D. targets
E. initiators
Correct Answer: DE
The aggregate bandwidth of a Fibre Channel fabric ________.
A. is 2 Gb/s (half duplex)
B. increases as nodes are added
C. decreases as nodes are added
D. cannot exceed 3200 MB/s (half duplex)
Correct Answer: B
You have created an Xsan volume with multiple storage pools, but no affinities. When you save a
file to the Xsan volume, what governs the file's physical storage destination?
A. the volume's stripe breadth
B. the volume's allocation strategy
C. the volume's block allocation size
D. the storage pools' configured access control lists
Correct Answer: B
You want to host three SAN volumes on an Xsan controller. What is the minimum amount of RAM
that Apple recommends you install in the controller?
Click the Calculator button below to display a calculator for use with this question.
The C button on the Calculator clears all previous entries.
The CE button clears the last entry only.
A. 512 megabytes

B. 1.5 gigabyte
C. 2 gigabytes
D. 3 gigabytes
Correct Answer: C
Which THREE of these are valid directory domains for Xsan deployments in an environment that
includes Windows computers running StorNext, and Mac OS X computers running Xsan?
A. NetInfo
B. etc/hosts
C. Active Directory
D. Network Information Service (NIS)
E. Open Directory configured as a replica
F. Windows NT primary domain controller (PDC)
G. Open Directory configured as a primary domain controller (PDC)
Correct Answer: CFG
Xsan volume names can be no longer than ________ characters.
A. 16
B. 32
C. 70
D. 256
Correct Answer: C
The image above shows a portion of an Xsan Admin pane. What is DELPHI, and what is its status?
A. DELPHI is a LUN in the Xsan volume, CAPRICA. DELPHI is running.
B. DELPHI is a LUN in the Xsan volume, CAPRICA. DELPHI is not running.
C. DELPHI is an Xsan volume in the SAN, CAPRICA. DELPHI is not running.
D. DELPHI is an Xsan storage pool in the Xsan volume, CAPRICA. DELPHI is running.
Correct Answer: C

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