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The Eunoia Model United Nations, 2017
International Press Corps, Background Guide

A Letter from the Head of International press:
Dear Members of the International Press Corps,
With immense pleasure, I welcome you aboard this team at the The
Eunoia Model United Nations, 2017 in Lucknow, India.
I am sure that it is in your inherent knowledge, that journalism is one of
the strongest and the most impactful tenet of the contemporary world.
Establishment of public opinion as an authoritative critique and its
aftermath has created a dimension that has changed the course of history
as we know it. The Press Corps is an extremely unique and powerful part
of any MUN conference, giving you an upper hand above all other
delegates and enabling you to influence debate in a manner similar to the
practical world. A delegate of the Press is a delegate of every other
committee and must be equipped with shrewd observation and critical
evaluation of proceedings around them. Taking on the role of global
reporting body, your work is tougher but comes with its own benefits
which you will experience during the course of the conference.
It is imperative that you read this guide, but do not in any manner believe
it to be exhaustive of the research and study that you are required to
undergo before the conference. While this guide should help you
understand the technical and procedural aspect of the job, you must
extensively understand the role of international journalists and also study
the agendas of the committees as you may be assigned to any of them
during the course of the conference.
Looking forward to seeing you in Lucknow! Let’s strive to make this
memorable for all of us!
Please feel free to write to me for any assistance that you may need with regard to this.
Warm regards,
Khushboo Jhunjhunwala
Head of International Press


The Eunoia Model United Nations, 2017
International Press Corps, Background Guide

Brief Overview of Role and Responsibilities:
The Press Corps at EMUN, 2017 is a vivacious simulation of the
International Press wherein groups of journalists or correspondents are
stationed at various committees shedding light about international affairs
and committee discussions to all those interested. The existence of the
International Press acts as a balancing force between leaders and
followers, governors and the governed along with international figures
and the global population. It also brings to attention activities and
portions of society that are inaccessible to the average citizen. In simple
terms the press has been and will remain to be the vox populi (voice of
the people). The press is a transformative element in modern society,
shaping perspectives and stances with every word. Reporters therefore
stand at a critical juncture in society, as their stories help promote and
alter the course of social progress, mind-sets and actions. On an
international level, the press is further responsible for keeping multinational organisations accountable by facilitating the cooperation of
international law. It also outlines international dialogue in a substantial
manner as world leaders themselves are influenced by news media.
Newsletters: Your articles will be circulated in the conference in the form
of newsletters and periodicals, if need be, and you must ensure that they
do not reflect any agency or home nation bias as is commonly witnessed
in various forms of international media.
Beats reporting: Also commonly referred to as “Focus reporting”, the
beats method will be the commonly used format of reporting in the
conference where you will be assigned towards a specific agenda and will
shoulder the responsibility of reflecting the entire essence of the said
agenda through your reports. A beat should be balanced in nature; the
reporters must use their seventh sense, that is, humor, supported by facts
to keep the report interesting, funny and educative in nature. It is to be
noted that beats should not express the opinion of the

The Eunoia Model United Nations, 2017
International Press Corps, Background Guide

Additionally, you may submit poetry which is relevant to the context as a
part of your reports. You must also take notes of interesting quotes that
are being heard at the conference.
Editorials: Editorial or opinion pieces are subjective articles that
represent personal views and opinions of the writer on a certain issue.
You may be required to write or are free to yourself take the time out to
prepare editorials and express your opinion (which might as well have a
bias) on the discussion. Editorials do not have to contain any information
on what happened in the council/committee but concerns what the
author thinks of the discussion at hand. Editorials have to be very high in
standards of writing and expression, and publication shall be at the
subject of discretion of the Head of IP.
Caricaturists and Cartoonists: Your sketches should be relevant to and
must pertain to the conference, its people and/or its discussion and must
be submitted to the Editorial Board for review before circulation. You
may avail the freedom to be sarcastic and humorous but may, in no
manner, be condescending or undisciplined in your sketches.
Photography: This shall also follow the concept of ‘beats’. Each
photographer will be assigned to a specific committee or event to report
for. The photographs taken at all times must respect the integrity of the
person being clicked. The pictures taken must cover a formal as well as
an informal aspect. Candid pictures are encouraged. The photographers
can also make small, twenty-second videos. The quality of your
photographs and the creativity in them will go a long way in your
Deadlines: Every member of the International Press Corps must submit
their work to the editorial board for review at least two hours before the
adjournment of committee or at any other deadline given to you on the
day of the conferences. Failure to abide by the deadline is an extremely
unprofessional act that shall most definitely result in a negative impact on
your evaluation. The word limit, number of pictures/sketches and other
requisite details shall be discussed with you on the day of the conference.

The Eunoia Model United Nations, 2017
International Press Corps, Background Guide

Press Conference: As a reporter, it will be your duty to conduct a press
conference on each day of the committee for which you may seek
assistance and permission from the executive board. Your questions,
addressed to the delegates must be well researched and relevant to the
undergoing discussion in committee. The purpose of the press
conference is to give direction to the council and to bring out any
mistakes that the delegates made; these contribute to the betterment of
debate. A report of everything that was said during the press conference
- either in paragraph form or in question-answer form - is to be submitted
as the report.

Therefore, the idea is to make your report as interesting and as
exhaustive as possible keeping in mind, the short attention span that
humans have. You must keep it brief, yet informative in order to do
justice to your role.

1. Your grammar must be correct with proper punctuation,
capitalization and official abbreviations only wherever necessary.
Wrong grammar or for that matter, even careless grammar is a big
no and may even lead to deduction of your evaluation scores.
2. The format of your reports must be uniform and shall be discussed
with you on the day of the conference in consensus with other
members during the briefing meeting of the Press Corps. Matters
such a line spacing, font type and size among other things shall be
discussed with you in this regard.

The Eunoia Model United Nations, 2017
International Press Corps, Background Guide

3. Extending Courtesy to all member nations, especially developing
nations is an essential necessity of journalism and While Reporters
are encouraged to faithfully report on the statements of
representatives within each simulation, no quotation should violate
the dictates of diplomatic courtesy. All articles, editorials, letters,
press releases and personals to be included will be carefully edited
to ensure that all content remains courteous to all participants. If a
Reporter feels that a quotation by a representative is discourteous,
the representative should be encouraged to rephrase the statement
in a more courteous fashion or risk having it omitted from the
Reporter’s article.
4. Spelling errors and misspelt names should be carefully avoided and
all participants must proof read their articles before submission to
avoid such mistakes.
5. Two issues of the conference Newsletter shall be published during
the conference and it is your responsibility to ensure that the
editorial board is provided with requisite content and material as
decided and conveyed to you, that too within the stipulated
6. Other forms of reporting, for example, social media reporting
and/or interviews shall be also utilized after consultation with the
7. All participants must carry their laptops and/or internet connection
devices to the conference. Handwritten articles shall not be
accepted. Photographers must carry their cameras, laptops and all
other requisite devices for smooth functioning to the conference.
All files, whether articles or photographs/videos shall be handed

The Eunoia Model United Nations, 2017
International Press Corps, Background Guide

over to the executive board via the personal pen-drives carried by
8. The discretion and decision of the Executive Board of the
International Press Corps shall be final in all matters and all awards
shall be adjudicated on the basis of criteria set forth by the Board.
Such criteria shall be briefly discussed with you on the day of the
9. All journalistic products, in each of their different formats, have this
in common: it is valuable for the public interest, it is truthful, it is
impartial even when biased, and it has been verified. Make sure
your work reflects these characteristics. There is always more than
one way to see a fact.

With that, we have come to the end of this background guide but have only just
begun a hopefully memorable journey for all of us to EMUN, 2017 in Lucknow. I
hope this piece has been helpful for you to understand the basics regarding your
role, especially for those of you who are participating for the first time in this
position. The trick to a happy and successful conference is to be thorough with what
is expected out of you and to deliver that with flying colours while also enjoying
your work at the same time.
Not going to burden you with too much advice any further, but please feel free to
contact me should you have any queries in this regard.
All the best!

Warm regards,
Khushboo Jhunjhunwala
Head of International Press
The Eunoia Model United Nations, 2017

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