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Title: How to Wake Up Early and Not Feel Tired
Author: Katharine Ricci

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How to Wake
Up Early
Not Feel Tired
Did you download this but you actually hate
reading? No shame, no shame…
Watch the VIDEO version of the eBook
instead by clicking here.

There’s a Really, Really Simple Reason
Why You Don’t Wake Up Early
You downloaded this mini eBook because you want to
make a change in your life. Simply put, there’s a goal you
have in mind, or maybe even a larger vision for your life.
Regardless, you know that your habit of waking up late is
keeping you from your goal.
Your goal could be doing morning workouts so you can lose those last
10 lbs. It could be getting into the office an hour before your emails
explode so you can breathe life into a passion project. It could be
carving out quiet time for yourself before the rest of your family or
your really loud roommate gets out of bed. Whatever it is, finding a
couple of hours for yourself in the calm of morning is extraordinarily
appealing and exactly what you need to master your goals. But
achieving it feels impossible.
But why does this feel impossible? Why is it so difficult to get out of
bed in the morning? And on top of that, how can you not feel
exhausted when you finally do get out bed?
The answer to mastering your mornings so you can achieve your
goals is actually really simple. It’s so simple you probably know it
already, but you’ve failed at it so far because while the answer is
simple, the implementation takes discipline and commitment.
The simple answer to waking up early, not feeling tired and achieving
your goals is this: You need a solid routine and a way to stick to the

Routines are HARD to establish. They’re especially hard if
you’ve never done a deliberate routine before, or find
yourself struggling to keep with a routine after a few
failed, pretty miserable attempts.
The thing is, any real achievement or goal or good thing that you’ve
got in your life, whether you realize it or not, has come because you
did a form of a routine.
Rocking some nice looking hair? Salon and home care routine. Got a
job that pays? Working routine. Sweet Diploma or Degree? Finished
school routine. You consistently go to work to make money, went to
school to earn an education, or do something to your hair to make it
look nice. You are not a virgin to routine, you are just struggling with
applying a routine to effect larger change into all areas of your life.

In fact, before we get into the routine tips, let’s discuss some
elements of psychology around routines that will help you better
understand yourself so you can make the most out of Chapter Three’s
routine tips. Don’t skip ahead.
There are two psychological elements that are critical to understand
before you establish routine to master your mornings.
The first is around identity, and the second is around willpower.


Do you identify as a Night Owl, but want to be a Morning Person?
Identity is huge. If you don’t decide here and now that moving forward
you ARE a Morning Person, no matter what magnificent routine you
design, you will fail.
You need to change your mindset from identifying and putting the idea
of being a “Night Owl” on a pedestal into a vision that actually serves
you. Being a Night Owl is not serving you and your goals.
Now maybe you don’t actually consider yourself a Night Owl. Perhaps
that doesn’t resonate with you. Regardless, understand who you are
and what you want to be, and start to view your identity differently if
your current personal identity is counterintuitive to becoming a
morning person. What we believe about ourselves is what we
manifest in our lives.
Identity is deeply personal. No matter what you believe of yourself, it’s
real because you make it real. Make the conscious choice here and
decide that you are NOW a MORNING PERSON. Success will follow.
**Before moving onto the next page, please re-read the above.
It’s really important that the above sinks in so you’re fully
committed to the routine creation process.**
Ok. Now the second psychological element to cover is willpower and
how you harness it for good.


We all know what willpower is. It’s what keeps us going when things
are hard. It’s what makes us do something we may not want to do,
because we know the result is worth it. It’s a mental force that pushes
us over the edge and motivates us towards achievement.
Willpower is the second concept that’s critical for routine success
because as human beings we have only so much willpower.
Willpower is a mental reserve. When we do too many difficult tasks,
specifically too many new tasks at once, we exhaust ourselves
mentally. We zap and dry up our willpower.
For example, if you layer on a new workout plan, a new diet, and
taking on a new role at work with all new responsibilities all at once,
you’re putting your willpower into overdrive. You are overloading your
system, cutting your focus, because it’s too much change and
structure and learning at once.

But, if you take one thing at a time and then do that same thing or
task over and over, it gets a little easier each time. After the 5th, 10th
time, it’s no longer difficult. Suddenly, it becomes simple. You can
start to introduce other things or tasks with ease because you’re not
**Essentially you have turned willpower into a routine, and
cleared your mind for new tasks, making goals easier to achieve.
It’s crazy and it works**


The Routine that Makes it Easy to Wake Up
Feeling Refreshed
Now that you are ready to align your identify with being a Morning
Person, and you understand you have limited willpower at any given
time but creating routine will allow you to achieve anything, you’re
ready for the Evening and Morning Routine Tips. These tips are
designed to help you wake up early feeling energized.
I’m sure you’re more than ready for them, so let’s get right to it.

First let’s tackle your evenings. For a successful wake up call, you
need to do right by yourself in the evening by creating a Wind Down

Evening Wind Down Ritual
Creating a wind down ritual trains your body to calm down and
prepare for sleep. Doing this will be a very deliberate process that
pays fantastic dividends such as allowing you to fall asleep fast. Here
are the five steps to slay your evenings to ensure you get up in

1. Calm the Mind: Write it Out
Write down lingering thoughts to calm your mind. This could be a todo list for tomorrow, it could be bottled up emotions about an awful
thing your mother said to you, or it could be an amazing idea you had
that could revolutionize the chicken industry. It doesn’t matter what it
is. Just get it out of your head and on to paper. This helps you clear
up brain space and work through or process all lingering thoughts.


2. Rest Your Body: You MUST Go to Bed on Time
You must consistently go to bed on time, aiming for 6-8 hours of
sleep. Enough rest makes it easier to wake up in the morning and
allows your body to repair. If you need to get up at 6am, then go to
bed by 11pm to get a solid 7 hours, assuming you fall asleep fast.
If you have trouble falling asleep quickly, the next tip is critical.

3. Cut Screen Use: Kill Sensory Trigger Overload
This is a tough one, but cut your screen time 45 minutes before
bedtime. This includes phones, TV, and tablets. Why? Well, it
suppresses melatonin, and it makes you too excitable.
Sounds funny but if you don’t believe me, believe, “The
blue light emitted by screens on cell phones, computers, tablets, and
televisions restrain the production of melatonin, the hormone that
controls your sleep/wake cycle or circadian rhythm.”
As for making you too excited, says, “It may seem harmless
to knock out a few emails before bed or unwind with a favorite movie,
but by keeping your mind engaged, technology can trick your brain
into thinking that it needs to stay awake. And if you’re surfing the web,
seeing something exciting on Facebook, or reading a negative email,
those experiences can make it hard to relax and settle into slumber.”
So chill out on the Netflix. Put down your phone and Facebook. Take
a d*mn break so you can sleep!
However, the one exception to this rule is Kindle. Kindle purposefully
emulates paper, so it won’t mess with your brain chemistry. And
besides, reading is a perfect way to lull yourself into a restful sleep.


4. Motivate your Willpower: Reaffirm Your Goals and
Visualize Your Future
Why exactly are you trying to wake up early? You have mother*ckin’
goals, that’s why! So before you go to sleep, consciously remind
yourself why you are waking up early.
Envision yourself doing the morning activities with ease.
Envision what the end goal is.
So if you’re waking up early to work out so you can feel confident in
your body, imagine yourself lifting weights or doing a cardio blast in
the morning, and then envision the beautiful body you know is only a
dedicated series of workouts away. If you’re waking up early to find
peace in the morning before a hectic day, imagine yourself sipping tea
with lemon while reading your newest self-development book, and
then envision conquering your day with ease and grace.
Knowing exactly why you are waking up early will make getting out of
bed the next day way easier.

5. Kill the Munchies: Quit Late Night Snacking
Put down the cookies and chips, Captain Crunch. When you eat too
close to bedtime, your body works overtime while you sleep and
ZAPS your energy, making it really difficult to wake up. You’ve got to
cut eating food around three hours before bedtime. So if you’re
heading to bed at 11p, stop eating by 8pm. This not only helps you
wake up well rested, but you’ll probably lose some weight too.
Now, onto the morning routine tips, so you can be well rounded on
both ends of this process and achieve your goals.


Morning Rise and Shine Ritual
Time to get up, and stay up! Here are 5 steps to master your morning.

1. Custom Alarm: Find a System that Motivates You
I’d love to say “wake up naturally with the sunrise” for this tip but we
all know that’s not realistic at this point in your routine building, or
probably ever.
So, for this you have a few options. Find what works for you.
Some people swear by putting their cell phone out of reach, forcing
them to not only wake up, but walk across the room. Sleep Cycle is
an amazing phone app that tracks sleep and wakes you up gently
according to where you are within REM. Another option is wearable
technology, like Pavlok or Pavlok 2, that requires you to jump out of
bed and do jumping jacks to make the alarm go off. All of these are
awesome ways to get you out of bed and stay out of bed.

2. Quit it: Reject the Snooze Button
No matter what you do, do NOT hit snooze. This is morning purgatory.
You snooze you literally lose. Cliché or not, it’s so true I wish I could
jump through this eBook and beat it into you. NEVER snooze. There
is no value in those extra 10-15 minutes, and before you know it it’s
an hour past the time you needed to get up and you’ve ruined your

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