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Resource developed with funding
from the Victorian Government,
and produced by the team at
MOVE muscle, bone & joint health.

MOVE muscle, bone & joint health
would like to thank the following
people for their contributions to this
A-Z guide:

Lisa Bywaters
Information Coordinator

Professor Flavia Cicuttini
Head, Musculoskeletal Unit DEPM,
& Head Rheumatology Unit, Alfred

Ornella Clavisi
Research & Knowledge Manager

Dr Anne Daly
Transport Accident Commission,
WorkSafe Victoria, Pain Services
Austin Health

Ben Harris
General Manager,
Policy, Information & Programs
Helen Koutsimanis
Health Promotion Project Officer

Dr Malcolm Hogg
Department of Anaesthesia and
Pain Management, Royal Melbourne
Eve Caplan
Jane Cheong
Lesley Hunter
Annie McPherson
Elizabeth Peck
Judy Pullar

© 2017
MOVE muscle, bone & joint health Ltd
ISBN: 978-0-9925452-4-6

Matthew Sutherland