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i Introduction
ii How to use this guide

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Heat and cold
Help: It’s okay to ask
Hydration: More than H2O

Acceptance: You have pain –
it doesn’t have you
Aids and equipment: Making your
life easier

Information: Take an active role

Breathing: Be conscious of each breath

Journaling: Keep track

Complementary medicine: Working
alongside conventional medicine

Keep connected: Stay in touch

Distraction: Shift your focus

Laughter: The best medicine

Emotions: Let them out
Environment: Your comfort zone

Massage: Not just an indulgence
Medications: Part of a good
management plan
Mindfulness: Be in the moment

Fatigue: More than just tiredness
Flares: Plan ahead

Nutrition: You are what you eat

Goals: Stay focused and motivated
Guided imagery: A tranquil daydream