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Issue 2 | June 15, 2017

The Patreon Post

Patreon Updates
Foreword: Hey everyone, welcome back. Hopefully you guys have

been enjoying your June. I know for many of you that’s SUMMER VACATION
(fuck how I miss that), and for others of us it’s... well, just another shitty month.
Man do I have a lot of stuff to cover, but first, I want to make sure
everyone knows that a new online card game called Gwent just released in
open beta at the end of May. I know quite a few Pokemon players that also
partake in Hearthstone, and Gwent is just like Hearthstone except with WAY
less RNG, way more deck viability, and it’s growing fast. I highly recommend
picking it up if you’ve got some free time (it’s also entirely free to play). I’m
currently ranked in the top 500 globally (out of 80,000 or so players) so if you
need some help, feel free to let me know. It’s a great chance to get in on a
game at the ground level - especially one this good.
ANYWAY, most of the POST today will be talking about the numerous
tournaments that were held over the past two weeks. Yeah, like there were
actually a ton from all over the world! We’ll get a chance to look at different
meta games, and see what’s working vs. what’s not.
Thanks everyone, see you soon.



Yellow Team Spotlight

Pheromosa @ Life Orb
Ability: Beast Boost
Level: 50
EVs: 4 HP /252 Atk /252 Spd
Adamant Nature
- U-Turn
- High Jump Kick
- Poison Jab / Ice Beam (4 SpAtk instead of HP)
- Protect


Alex O.
- FAKEPG is good, but with everyone and their mother either running it or knowing how it works,
adding some new members to your team can really give you a step up.
- Celesteela has a great time against everything that’s not named Tapu Koko or Arcanine, and
while these two are extremely prevalent, they’re usually the only two Pokemon that want to fight
Celesteela. Mix that with a Garchomp and you know two of your Pokemon are going to be good
against two of theirs, even when you’re not facing another FAKEPG.
- Pheromosa, while somewhat popular, is definitely still under-utilized right now. It’s fast, hits most
of the meta super hard, and can flip out with a U-Turn in bad situations. Plus the mixture of Phero +
Celest means your opponent will DEFINITELY lead Arcanine. Like 100% of the time. Easy reads.
- And part of those easy reads are Nihilego! Your standard Life Orb set is a HUGE threat to the
Tapus and Arcanine, plus special attackers (like P2) can’t really hurt it!
- Porygon2 is no stranger to being played, and that’s because it’s a goddamn beast. We need
another check to Garchomp and just fat threats in general. I’d definitely consider running Toxic
on this guy to help with some threats better.

But umb!!

STFU NERD, let me tell you...
1. 0- SpA LO Ice Beam vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Garchomp: 127-153%
2. 252+ Atk LO Poison Jab vs. 4 HP Koko: guaranteed OHKO
3. 252+ Atk LO Poison Jab vs. 4 HP Tapu Lele: 117-139%
4. You can OHKO Kartana before it fucks you up. That’s swag.
5. 252+ Atk LO HJK vs. 4 HP Nihilego: guaranteed OHKO

6. 252+ Atk Life Orb High Jump Kick vs. 68 HP / 188 Def Snorlax: guaranteed OHKO
7. 252+ Atk Life Orb High Jump Kick vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Eviolite Porygon2: 25% chance to OHKO
8. 252+ Atk Life Orb High Jump Kick vs. 252 HP Muk-Alola: 87.5% chance to OHKO
9. 252+ Atk Life Orb U-turn vs. 4 HP / 20 Def Fur Coat Persian-Alola: 43.8% chance to OHKO
10. 252+ Atk Life Orb High Jump Kick vs. 4 HP Xurkitree: guaranteed OHKO
11. -1 252+ Atk Life Orb High Jump Kick vs. 28 HP Krookodile: guaranteed OHKO
This thing is an absolute MONSTER. A lot of these calcs are doing ~150% too, so even at -1 you’re still
doing massive damage. Plus, with access to U-Turn, you can scout out opponent’s leads and fix the situation
to your needs. Pheromosa can come in as a revenge killer too since it’s basically the fastest thing in our meta.
And even in the games you DON’T bring it, the mind games it plays on the opponent are definitely for real.
Like, they almost always lead with Arcanine. A Braviary, if you’re looking to play one, mixed with this
Chomp, Celest and Pheromosa could honestly be a huge combo for that very reason. You can also go
Z-move or Focus Sash here if you want the Life Orb on Nihilego. The added boost is VERY good on both.

Madison Regionals

singapore special event



1) First up, Justin Carris is the guy who wrote the last Patreon Yellow article,

so congrats to him on his finish! He lost to the eventual winner.
2) Koko’s dominance here should be no surprise. You can see how it’s
having an effect on the meta, from dropping Fini usage to forcing techs
being added onto teams such as Marowak and Mudsdale.
3) Trick Room Nihilego is becoming a lot more common, so when you see
slow options on the back of a team (such as Hariyama and ANT), expect
TR to be an option.
4) Tapu Bulu is a big counterplay to Koko + Fini, so using it can have huge
benefits as it did here. The only problem is, with rising Kartana usage and
the ever prevalent Arcanine, you need to call when to use it carefully. It’s
definitely a niche pick that can pay off huge or really cost you.

1) Singapore’s a pretty weird place. I mean, that’s a fucking Clefable.

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some good information here.
2) We actually see another Mudsdale here, which is something I really like.
Between Tapu Coco, Gigalith, and now Nihilego, the horse is probably
prime for a comeback, even though it has its weaknesses. Horse is more of
a counter-play than something to base a team around
3) Notice how the sole Mandibuzz here, just like in Madison, is
accompanied by a Lightning Rod user. Both teams feature Fini, Snorlax and
Kartana as well. Probably a good route to follow if you like Mandibuzz.
4) You’ll find Drifblim in top cut of every tournament I’m covering today
EXCEPT from the tournament in the US. Just something to keep in mind.

Chile Regionals

Sydney Regionals



1) Chile is another interesting region, but it looks like Javier took a page

out of the Korean playbook and decided to win with Ninetales (it’s all over
Korean meta right now btw). Seeing as there was only 1 Gigalith in all of
top cut, the ability to Aurora Veil and OHKO Garchomp, along with
breaking sashes and dealing general good damage with Blizzard means
Ninetales is definitely something to still be reckoned with.
2) At the same time, the 7th place guy was running solo Golduck. Maybe
it was Cloud Nine? Maybe he’s next level meta? Then again, maybe not.
Honestly, the only thing I would recommend after seeing this chart is flying
to Chile for the next tournament. Seems... fun...
3) Braviary is a cool Pokemon, and undoubtedly paired with Scarf
Garchomp there. That’s a common Battlespot technique so if you see those
two together, or want some free BS points, consider that.

1) Interestingly we see Lele + Blimp at the top here, which is a trend

that’s been dying out in America as of late. It just goes to show
that just because an architype is “old”, it doesn’t mean it’s bad.
2) Team 2 here is using redirect + DD Gyarados, while hitting hard
& fast with the rest of the team to clear threats. He’s clearly bringing Gyarados EVERY match, and that’s why the Kartana and Pheromosa are both on
the team. One for certain situations, and the other when it’s better.
3) Team 3 is the Discharge + Wide Guard + Milotic comp that’s played on
Showdown. Trevanent is a neat tech but honestly probably not as good as
Porygon2 when your main strategy is Electric moves and Garchomp exists.
4) Team 4 is our boy!!!!!! Simon has been a Patreon for like, forever. Pretty sure that’s an edited team of the one I gave out at the beginning of the
year. Bulu/Nihilego/Yama/Arcanine placed 6th here, while sharing those
same 4 Pokemon with the #1 finishing team at Madison. That’s their core.

Birmingham Regionals

Top Teams
Pokemon Showdown

1) I go away for one week and all of my boys learn how to play Pokemon

all of a sudden. Jason McCullough is also a long time Pat Yellow, and look
at him throw down & make top cut. Hype dude. It’s Explosion Silvally btw.
2) We can see more Nihilego here as well. Expect this trend to continue.
Snorlax is a really good answer, as is Kartana (if they’re running TR they
won’t have room for HP Fire) and of course Garchomp. This might be why
we’re seeing more Mudsdale as well.
3) EVERY Ninetales in top cut is paired with something incredibly slow, including Slowbro (fucking Chile), Mudsdale or Snorlax. Overwhelmingly the
most common option is Snorlax. They frequently have Garchomp as well.
4) Scizor and Salamence are still considered niche options, but are strong
in their own ways. Toy with these two if you want something less seen on
your team (you’ll want to overwrite Psychic Terrain for Bullet Punch though).

Week of June 16

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