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New Pass4itsure 810 502 Dumps Exam .pdf

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Pass4itSure IT Certification Braindumps


810-502 dumps
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A user trying to activate their device over USB logs onto Web Desktop with a version of Internet
Explorer notices this error Complete the setup process. The necessary controls have not been
installed. The ActiveX control is installed on the user s computer. The user should retry the
connection with
A. Internet Explorer 8.0 or later browser.
B. Internet Explorer 7.0 or later browser.
C. Firefox 3.5 or later browser.
D. Internet Explorer 9.0 or earlier browser.
Correct Answer: D

The BDS administrator can create an SCEP profile for a simplified means of:
A. deploying certificates for large-scale implementation to everyday users.
B. generating certificates for large-scale deployment.
C. auditing which accounts have certificates in large-scale implementation for everyday users.
D. creating device shortcut icons that the device owner can use to request certificates.
Correct Answer: A

What are the different methods for assigning an activation password for a BlackBerry device?
A. Login to BlackBerry Administration Console, search the user, and select option Specify an
Activation password from the user properties
B. Login to BlackBerry Administration Console, search the user, and select option Generate an
Activation Email from the user properties
C. Login to BlackBerry Administration Console, search the user, and select option Assign EA
password from the user properties
D. Instruct the user to login to BlackBerry Web Desktop and assign their Activation password
Correct Answer: A

The BlackBerry Administration Service does which of the following?
A. Provides a secure connection between the device and the server
B. Maintains a connection with the BlackBerry Infrastructure
C. Communicates commands, IT policies, and profiles to the device
D. Manages the user accounts and devices
Correct Answer: D

After creating a VPN Profile, how is it distributed to users who require VPN access?
A. Assign the VPN profile to a Software configuration to allow the devices access to the built in VPN
client to automatically make a VPN connection
B. Assign the VPN profile to a Wi-Fi profile to allow the user to automatically make a VPN
C. Assign the VPN profile to an IT Policy to allow the user to automatically make a VPN connection
D. Assign the VPN profile to the user directly, and instruct the user to assign the VPN profile to any
Wi-Fi profiles saved on the device to automatically make a VPN connection
Correct Answer: B

Which browser transport is preferred for lower cost internet browsing while roaming?
A. Wi-Fi
B. Cellular
D. BlackBerry Internet Service B
Correct Answer: A

What mail protocols are supported in the native mail client?
A. ActiveSync, POP, MAP, OWA
C. ActiveSync, POP, MAP
D. SMTP, ActiveSync, POP, IMAP
Correct Answer: C

A user would like to activate a BlackBerry 10 (BB10) device using BlackBerry Web Desktop
Manager over
The initial connection to the BlackBerry Device Service server for the activation will first connect to
A. BlackBerry Web Activation Service
B. BlackBerry Web Desktop Service
C. BlackBerry Administration Service
D. Enterprise Management Web Service

Correct Answer: C

Under which Profile can you configure which messaging server or email account a BlackBerry User
will connect?
A. Email
C. Proxy
D. Wi-Fi
Correct Answer: A

A user sends a BlackBerry Messenger request by PIN: what s the quickest way to verify in the
BlackBerry Administration console which user this pin request belongs to?
A. Manage users and search
B. Manually find the user
C. Check the Blackberry Device Service (BDS) logs
D. Check the global address list
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following services obtains user information from Microsoft Active Directory to create
user accounts in the BlackBerry Device Service (BDS)?
A. BlackBerry Mail Store Service
B. BlackBerry Administration Service
C. Enterprise Management Web Service
D. BlackBerry MDS Connection Service
Correct Answer: A

A new user would like to activate a BlackBerry 10 (BB10) device but does not have a Wi-Fi
An Enterprise Activation password is set for the user.
The initial connection to the BlackBerry Device Service (BDS) for the activation will first flow

through the
A. BlackBerry Administration Service.
B. BlackBerry Dispatcher.
C. BlackBerry MDS Connection Service.
D. Enterprise Management Web Service.
Correct Answer: B

Adding an Exchange ActiveSync account through BlackBerry Device Service (BDS) requires
A. An email profile assigned to the user.
B. Exchange ActiveSync server accessible on the Internet.
C. Wi-Fi connectivity on the device.
D. Connection to the user s desktop computer.
Correct Answer: A

What needs to be configured in BlackBerry Administration Service (BAS) to allow users to
download Enterprise approved applications in the BlackBerry World application on their device?
A. Need to enter URL for BlackBerry World which points to the Applications location
B. Create enterprise policy and set the software configuration
C. Specify the role then add the application group
D. Copy the bar file locally on the server and point to the file share
Correct Answer: A

A user logs onto Web Desktop with the Chrome browser and notices this error: Some functionally of
BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager is unavailable because communications are disabled.
Why are communications disabled?
A. NET is not installed correctly on the user s computer
B. The user is not configured for BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager access
C. The computer needs to be restarted after the first login
D. Chrome is not a supported browser for activation
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is a valid IT Policy rule?
A. Switch device, when enabled user cannot switch devices.
B. Long submission, when enabled user can generate and send logs to BlackBerry Technical
Solution Center.
C. Phone, when disabled is not able to make phone calls.
D. Location services, when disabled is not able to enable GPS.
Correct Answer: B

What step can be taken to ensure the Enterprise proxy is applied to all users on a particular server?
A. Apply proxy configuration on the server.
B. Apply proxy configuration on the Wi-Fi profile.
C. Apply proxy configuration on the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager users group.
D. Apply PAC proxy configuration to all users on the server.
Correct Answer: A

What group would an end user need to be assigned to in order to use the BlackBerry Web
A. BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager users
B. Junior Help Desk role
C. Security Administrator role
D. User only Administrator role
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following can contribute to a user not being able to send messages?
A. Admin has enabled the only receive email rule for the user
B. Admin has applied maximum messages for the day rule applied
C. Messages are stored on the BlackBerry 10 (BB10) server only
D. Not in sufficient coverage, Wi-Fi or cell, Mail server unreachable
Correct Answer: D

When searching for users with a specific software configuration assigned, the following message is

displayed: The BlackBerry Administration Service cannot find the records you were looking for.
Verify the
search criteria you specified and try again.
What is the MOST likely cause and corrective action to take?
A. The search modules threw an exception; log out and try the search again.
B. The search resulted in no matches; make sure search terms are valid and try again if the result
was unexpected.
C. The search was not able to connect to the configuration database to submit the search; verify
connectivity to the database server and try again.
D. The search module did not understand the criteria; make sure search terms are valid and try
Correct Answer: B

What activation setting is new at the server level for BlackBerry Device Service (BDS) 6.2?
A. Register activation information with BlackBerry Infrastructure
B. Allow activation information to be emailed
C. Maximum device activation attempts
D. Edit activation settings
Correct Answer: A

To add a permission to a role or remove an existing permission from a role, which built-in role would
be used?
A. Enterprise Administrator
B. Server Only Administrator
C. Security Administrator
D. User Only Administrator
Correct Answer: C

What kind of file can be used to import new users to a server using the import new user s link?
A. A SQL database
B. New users can be imported using a .CSV file
C. A RIM formatted C++ file
D. A Rim signed .CSV file

Correct Answer: B

The BlackBerry Device Service (BDS) and device automatically renew the client certificate when it
expires after
A. Three months
B. Six months
C. One year
D. Two years
Correct Answer: C

A user reports an issue with email not being present on their device. To verify the device s email
account configuration you go to
A. BlackBerry Flow, then Settings on the device.
B. Manage email profiles on the server.
C. Settings, then Accounts on the device.
D. Manage groups on the server.
Correct Answer: C

How can Blackberry Hub be searched?
A. Unified Inbox-> Settings -> Search
B. Unified Inbox-> Options -> Search
C. Unified Inbox-> Menu-> Search
D. Swipe down -> Search
Correct Answer: C

What language and protocol does Exchange ActiveSync use to communicate between the
messaging server and mobile device?
A. C++ and TLS

D. Java and UDP
Correct Answer: C

A new user does not know how to activate their BlackBerry device, and an activation password has
not yet been set. To guide them through the activation procedure, the user should first be instructed
to log into
A. BlackBerry Administration Service.
B. The BlackBerry Infrastructure.
C. BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager.
D. BlackBerry Link.
Correct Answer: C

What action is taken to access the BlackBerry Hub?
A. Swipe up from the Home Screen
B. Swipe right from the Home Screen
C. Swipe down from the Home Screen
D. Swipe left from the Home Screen
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following are valid ways to activate a BlackBerry 10 (BB10) device on BlackBerry
Device Service (BDS)?
A. Using a Web desktop Manager, OTA, and BlackBerry Administration Service
B. Using a Web desktop Manager, and OTA
C. Using BlackBerry Link, OTA and Web desktop Manager
D. Web Desktop Manager and Server Manager
Correct Answer: A

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