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Why does it matter that we have all this access? What has this wealth of information at
our fingertips really done for us? It matters because we are way more equipped for life in
general as a result of this technology.
It’s about the power.
While we know that the power has shifted dramatically from businesses to consumers as
a result of highly shared and easily accessible information about anything, everything,
and especially every business, it’s amplified by having it all available at your fingertips.
Falsely advertising prices online to trick people into visiting a store can be refuted with a
few taps and swipes, and the ability to compare prices for online products to those in the
store has empowered shopaholics everywhere. Reviews on Yelp, Google+, and plenty
more sites allow consumers to talk to each other and weed out those with dishonest
business practices.
The Internet may have given the world a brand new power, but mobile and the creation
of apps has changed how that power is directed. Mobile is being used in brand new
ways every single day and empowering every user to make smarter decisions and
smarter purchases, granting a clearer picture of the world around us and enriching lives