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[3:02 PM] PartyLizard: I can most certainly communicate effectively
[3:03 PM] Blink: trust me
[3:03 PM] Blink: you're fucked
[3:03 PM] PartyLizard: you calling me an autistic person or someone with aspergers without
outright saying it is pretty rude
[3:03 PM] PartyLizard: No, I literally am not I guarantee you
[3:03 PM] Blink: autistics don't die alone the way you're going to
[3:04 PM] Blink: I'm definitely not saying you're autistic
[3:04 PM] Blink: but you've got some crippling inability to accept responsibility for things
[3:04 PM] PartyLizard: Im worse huh
[3:04 PM] Blink: and that's gonna fuck you over when it comes to close relationships
[3:04 PM] Blink: you're gonna drive people you love crazy without even meaning to
[3:04 PM] PartyLizard: Alright see
[3:04 PM] PartyLizard: the thing is this is the internet
[3:04 PM] PartyLizard: I know you as Blink
[3:04 PM] Blink: until they end up trying to figure out how they can possibly get away from you
[3:04 PM] PartyLizard: I dont know your face nor your name
[3:04 PM] Blink: I'm just saying 'cause my dad has the exaaact same problem
[3:05 PM] Blink: legit like the whole family wants him out of the house 'cause he's just a pain
[3:05 PM] Blink: he puts blame on everyone but himself
[3:05 PM] Blink: and now it's at the point where his wife wants to kick him out
[3:05 PM] Blink: and you're the same way
[3:05 PM] Blink: so I think you'll have the same problems
[3:05 PM] Blink: it's petty, but that cheers me up
[3:05 PM] PartyLizard: You do not know how I act in real life nor do you know me in real life so
judging people based on how they act online isnt a very good thing to go off of
[3:06 PM] PartyLizard: also
[3:06 PM] PartyLizard: if what you said is true
[3:06 PM] PartyLizard: that means im gonna get myself a wife hell yea