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[3:06 PM] PartyLizard: THATS A JOKE BTW
[3:06 PM] Blink: yeah man cherish the upsides
[3:06 PM] Blink: and I don't get your logic
[3:06 PM] Blink: the internet is where people act without inhibition
[3:06 PM] Blink: if anything I'm getting a better look at you than I'd get if you were trying to be,
[3:06 PM] Blink: socially accepted
[3:07 PM] PartyLizard: do you honestly think they're complete dipshits in real life too? no
[3:07 PM] Blink: no, because they know how to cover up how ugly they really are
[3:07 PM] Blink: and then they act like dipshits online
[3:07 PM] PartyLizard: no you're not getting a better look at me in my opinion
[3:07 PM] Blink: but when it comes to close relationships
[3:07 PM] Blink: that ugliness that they cover up
[3:07 PM] Blink: is gonna be exposed
[3:07 PM] Blink: one way or another
[3:07 PM] PartyLizard: because you calling me dumb and basically autistic doesnt reflect me in
real life
[3:08 PM] Blink: that's just what happens when you're very close to someone
[3:08 PM] Blink: you're the one choosing to make this about autism, by the way
[3:08 PM] Blink: at least an autistic can see when they've hurt someone and feel bad about it
[3:08 PM] Blink: they might not be good at expressing it, but they feel it(edited)
[3:08 PM] PartyLizard: I mean you said I was autistic by defining it
[3:08 PM] Blink: you, on the other hand
[3:08 PM] Blink: you can't even see when you've hurt someone, huh?
[3:08 PM] PartyLizard: and you gotta understand
[3:08 PM] PartyLizard: the way they talk to people online
[3:08 PM] PartyLizard: is not how they talk to people in real life
[3:09 PM] PartyLizard: cause that'd be retarded