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the pearl

in you!

My first experience with opening an oyster
took my breath away. I was so awed by
the pure magic of it, I immediately knew
I wanted to share it!
For the past 28 years, Vantel Pearls has
brought people together to share in the
fun of opening real oysters to reveal a
genuine pearl (or two!) in each and
every oyster.
Imagine the thrill of finding a white,
cream, pink, blue, or even a black pearl for
a piece of jewelry you or someone special
will treasure for a lifetime. Each color
represents particular traits that give your
pearl added significance.
I’m proud of our longevity and continued
growth through the years. I’ve been
guided in business and in life by a set
of principles I wrote to ensure that we
remain true to our values. I call them
My Treasured Gems. They’ve been a
key factor in the AMAZING success
of Vantel Pearls.
I believe when we turn our attitudes to
positivity, and focus on our situations with
gratitude, we attract miracles. Believe in
limitless possibilities! The world truly is
your oyster.
Founder and President

Believe in

Believe in YOU!