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Thank you for choosing
Magnaton Magnetic Building Blocks!
Now you can let your kids to build a ball, a flower or whatever they can
These innovative magnetic toy bricks are designed to hold your kids interest and
attention while developing their thinking and visual perception.
With all kinds sets of Magnaton, it brings your kids endless fun while improving
their creative thinking, color and pattern recognition, building and motor skills. Also,
these magnetic toys help to fine tune eye-hand coordination and enable children to
practice independent problem-solving and explore concepts. Beginners can start with
simple 2D and 3D forms like cubes and pyramids and move for larger 3D challenges
such as balls, buildings, flowers and rockets.
These beautiful crystalline frames are available in verity of colors, crafted from
high quality non – toxic ABS plastic and embedded with high quality strong
magnets. So, the magnetic tiles easily connect each other and never fall apart unless
you pull them.
Your benefits with choosing Magnaton Magnetic Building Blocks:
• Endless possibilities
• Have smooth edges and keep your kids little fingers safe
• A perfect toy for parents and grandparents to spend time with the kids
• A thoughtful birthday or holiday gift for girls and boys over the age of 3
• Easy to store and easy to clean
• Suitable for schools, childcare centers, children’s museums and homes