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Not for Sale/Do Not Buy
(C)2000/2016 BY S.T.C.
Shawn T. Cook
Version 1.0 Pez
March, 2016
Laws of the variable x:
x is always the right answer, even under tremendous stress,
because it is a concept, that can never be wrong, because
it is there to ponder, and imagine. x is only wrong when
we say it is, and we fully control it, and it has great
magical powers to tell us exact, telepathic answers, like
you would read from a mathematical book from the far
future. Certainly, the variable x is the greatest, most
best functional, generous, and amazing variable for any
purpose, big or small.
--------------------------------------------------You are always right, even when wrong:
All symbols, icons, tokens, and functions in this language
provide a very creative, greatly liberal, and fully yielding
way to imagine and compile anything you wish. You can use
this with your electronics and chemistry and other
programming languages to open your mind and spark genius.
There are no set laws, and the rules are shapeless and clay.
--------------------------------------------------You can work when confused:
There are many complex codes in this book, so if you don't
know how to use them it is okay; when you get confused, just
use what you do not know as experiments. This language has a
lot of symbols called integrals, and it takes years to learn,
yet even a beginner can play with them.
--------------------------------------------------It is easy to be a Psyche Medic or PsY:
After you master school and college, when you finished
reading this document, and after you spend several days or
more reading it; you become an expert in this WALCULUS
language, and earn the title of Psyche Medic, or PsY,
requiring a minimum of 36 hours of study. A PsY is also
known as an expert in the profession of mental adjusting.
A PsY simply is a title you earn and give yourself when
you fully know all areas of BioPhysics and poetry.

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