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--------------------------------------------------Phase#1 code means imagination, orbits, charts, intuition,
planning, maps, being careful, safety, clear judgment,
invention, discovery, methods, and systems.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#2 code means physics, time, space, density, travel, money,
study, great feats, wormholes, portals, abyss, voyage, devices,
computing, fuel, resources, ships, and schematics.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#3 code means help, healing, medicine, cures, remedies,
recipes, anatomy, doctors, psychology, worry, fears, diet,
exercise, emotions, schedules, best advice, dream scripts.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#4 code means danger, caution, careful, defenses, fights,
horror, wrong, errors in pattern, disaster, fears, nightmare.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#5 code means guess, unsure, mystery, wonder, delight,
quest, passion, science, poetry, math, fun, sharing formulas,
adventure, building a nice place, unknowns, and success.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#6 code means cash, deals, business, finance, buy, sell,
trade, profits, mail, catalogs, rates, wealth, and security.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#7 code means haunting chaos, divine mystery, enchanted
curiosity, amazed in awe at cosmos, strong powerful science,
very creative developments, rhymes and music to captivate our
reasoning, magic spells, dark desires, miracle mixtures.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#8 code means a 2 player game. This can be a multiple
player computer fun, or a table game, there can be random
numbers to seed the play. When 2 or more players play
together. We will design the games, there can be dice, pieces,
a board, cards, money, for real or on a computer. We will create
our own version of poker or monopoly.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#9 code means powers of math, control, talent, ability to
cause a precise reaction, using laws of physics for changes and
results, big deals, agreements, right and wrong, outcomes, using
mathematics to attain a goal, sure you will win.
---------------------------------------------------------Phase#10 code means we need much creativity, talent, time, money,
ingenuity, charm, strength, opportunity, planning, devotion,
enthusiasm, people, handshakes, caution, and technology, to
create the final product.
--------------------------------------------------Type01 W++ code means the answers are in this document,
and that every word or code used has a reference within
this language; When anything is marked as Type01 W++
you know that there is plenty of support and backing
to the formula, because it is a section of this book.
--------------------------------------------------Type02 W++ code means some words are not within the W++
language, and codes used have external references; there
are important keys, and only have normal support and
backing; the formulas should be very strong, only if
you gather all the meaning and purpose. Type02 W++
simply says there is great significance and worth
when fully mastered, yet outside the W++ document.
--------------------------------------------------Type03 W++ code means we are guessing formulas, we are

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