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sure they exist, yet we do not know the exact words,
we have a vague, cloudy memory of this code, yet if we
did the work to make the formula final, we would be able
to; this means the code exists, yet we may be wrong about
exactly what it is, yet if we made it final, it would
be similar to our guess.
--------------------------------------------------Type04 W++ code means powers of math, Here is a list of
things that math can control: Kiss and hug, avoid, remember,
sing song, use mind talent, use sense, perform act, practice,
yell, know, dance, look point, choose, help, imagine, tempt,
explain, deal, direct.
--------------------------------------------------Type05 W++ code means we require time, effort, talent, money,
rides, stores, helpers, factory, office, laboratory, internet,
rewards, data, media, and market to finish checking all items
on a list to production of the final packages.
--------------------------------------------------Type06 W++ code means Imagination, maps of galaxies, spaceships,
wormholes, engines, schematics, physics, rockets, orbits,
planets, stars, velocity, vectors, space travel, the universe,
vital survival in cosmos, shuttle craft, intergalactic transport,
home planets, space aliens, high risk maneuvers, warp speeds,
futuristic technology, polar swaps, energy fields, careful scope
observation, astronomy, plans to build a ship to carry humans
and equipment safely around galaxies.
--------------------------------------------------Type07 W++ code means Biology, cells, nucleic acids,
chromosomes, cytoplasm, amino acids, lipids, organelles,
proteins, anatomy, cell walls, enzymes, microbiology,
genetics, genome, suits and clothing, protective shields,
medicine, microscopes, ecology, youth, cures, immunity,
resistance, vaccines, blood, molecules, vitamins,
minerals, nature, communication, travel, and frequencies.
--------------------------------------------------Type08 W++ code means there is a danger, a scary thing could
be likely to happen; we are trying to manipulate a tricky
situation where the word NO has no meaning; we need all the
help we can get because we want what is holy, good, and right;
if we do not act soon it could bring terror and panic.
--------------------------------------------------Type09 W++ code means operating systems, devices and device
drivers, assembly language interrupts, CPU exceptions, debugging
machine code, various programming languages, any type of
calculator or computer hardware designs, software interrupts,
ROM chips, connecting a PC to another device, IRQ's,
communications ports, microchips, COM, LPT, and USB ports,
anything related to hardware or software transfers.
--------------------------------------------------Type10 W++ code means we will be using and developing
imaginative, creative, inventive, and scientific poetry and math.
We will ponder spaceships, biology, reality, college subjects,
and advances in technology, cures, knowledge, and general
expertise at living and existence. We will do our very best for
unity of all aspects of self and ecology, mixed with a great
bookshelf in our mind and computer, to make our dreams and
goals really happen.
--------------------------------------------------Type11 W++ code means we are teaching our family a language,
and trying to get our people on the same frequency; we are

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