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getting ready for tough life challenges ahead, trying to secure
life and eternity, creating wisdom for paradise, health, wealth,
and high communication; trying to get the people we love all
equal intelligence, knowing as many codes and formulas as we
know. So we share the same functions and math.
--------------------------------------------------Type12 W++ code means ability to open a real wormhole,
swimming into a tunnel, a portal between worlds, cage of
density, astral projection, traveling parallel dimensions,
parallel worlds, psychoactive effects, warp imagine, use
x and y always make z, extreme agreements, a very nice
deal agree what z is, time waves, plasma frequencies, map
of worlds, exploits to open gate, final passage ways to
fantasy lands. Great emotions, sadness, madness, joy
as seas of glory. Cosmic night in darkness.
--------------------------------------------------Type13 code means were making a strive for Holy Good peace on
earth, a cure to terror, harmony and balance; so everyone gets
a good nights sleep, putting the bad guys where they belong,
careful strategic setup of a society system. Knowing probably
everyone would agree peace is the best goal we should keep
busy with important tasks and solve unknowns.
--------------------------------------------------Type14 code means that my job is to be hero. People need my
help. I have the training, I am ready to do my job. I have a
solid grip on life, travel, finance, and family. My job is
to exist, thrive, endure, and enjoy the cards in my hand. I
will never fail, else only I will feel the defeat. Soon all
my plans with unite okay, and I will find fame and fortune,
it would shatter my heart to fail, my essence is to be hero,
to pay the price required, to take the kids to the ocean;
to go fun places, explore the land, journey, make moments;
yet all the chaos makes me stronger, and my fears get
weaker, because home is in our skull, walking on rock, so
to be hero, to care, love, and know the dangers, and also
know the treasure, prizes, and wonderful places.
Here are the Chapters:
[000] AmericanGods(x) = Current gods that govern all.
[001] "SUN" Home Spot = Vector to do all your calculations.
[002] Introduction = Beginners starting chapter.
[003] Integrals(x) = Symbols for doing math and logic.
[004] The CECS = Complete Emotional Chemistry Set.
[005] ShapePage(x) = Design your formulas as colorful art.
[006] #Commands = Various instructions for your programs.
[007] MentalLingo(x) = The use of words as recipes.
[008] Lingology(x) = The study of topics and languages.
[009] Divide(x) = Simply divide but using words.
[010] Units(x) = Physics units for divide and diverse math.
[011] PerMultiply(x) = Perform the formula (a/b)*d=e
[012] CubeMultiply(x) = Perform the formula a*b*c=d
[013] WorldPeace(x) = Peace on earth.
[014] Symmetry(x) = Solve number patterns.
[015] FireBall(x) = Simple calculation everyone loves.
[016] Addition(x) = Simply add numbers or words.
[017] Subtract(x) = Simply subtract numbers or words.
[018] Multiply(x) = Simply multiply or words.
[019] Horror911(x) = Scary danger, killer steals years.
[020] Variables(x) = Important vital variables.

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