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100% Made in the U.S.A.

Stony Creek Industries manufactures and distributes
high quality U.S. Flags and Banners along with
residential flagpoles and flag related accessories. Our
Flag products and poles are designed and attractively
packaged for retail display. We offer a wide variety of
display options including complete flagpole kit displays
and power wings. Our product line is tailored to the
patriotic consumer who demands the best quality at
a reasonable price. We are able to support our retail
customers with highly competitive pricing structures
enabling effective participation in the mass market retail
environment. Stony Creek is a vertical manufacturer with
both domestic and offshore production and assembly
facilities. Accordingly, our supply chain has been
extensively proven and streamlined to insure that all
logistic steps and processes are the very best in the
business. We deliver products with high-volume sales,
in a seamless “Factory Floor to Buyers Door” mode,
directly to buyer’s warehouse or to retail outlets.


Flags for all