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retail displays



USA Flag Kit with 1pc Flagpole Retail Display Stand
USA Flag Kit with 1pc Flagpole Retail Display Stand
USA Flag Kit with 2pc Flagpole Retail Display Stand


Stony Creek provides a variety of attractive and functional Retail Displays for effective product presentation for your customers.
Our displays have been designed to contain the best selling Kits and individual flagpole products in our product line for maximum
sales, fast product turn-around, and easy re-stocking. All Display stands are constructed of heavy-duty cardboard mounted on a
hardwood pallet providing a sturdy, stable platform for floor or outdoor display. Our Displays are delivered with product included
and assembled with protective cardboard removable cover.

The #57212 Cutaway Kit is used for our ”Top of the line” Flagpole Kits (see Page 5) item 60152.

The #57012 Display Kit can accommodate our complete Deluxe Flagpole Sets or 60151, 60511, and 60262 one piece
poles and is ideal for store front presentation or in home and garden sections for high visibility and resultant impulse sales.

The #57036 Display Kit can accommodate all Deluxe Flagpole sets, and is ideal for floor presentation in high traffic
store locations.

Stony Creek can also provide a variety of custom designed “power wings” (not shown) for display of packaged products to meet any presentation requirement.