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Dear Readers,

In our Lead Article, “Who Wants to Live Forever,” Sadhguru examines the basis
of the human energy system – the muladhara chakra. Related to that, he delves
into the yogic practices of kayakalpa, which have empowered yogis through the
ages with seemingly superhuman capabilities and relative immortality. In this
context, Sadhguru also pops the cork on the legendary amrita.

This month’s In Conversation with the Mystic article is actually a three-in-one,
excerpted from the recent, extraordinarily prolific conversation between Karan
Johar and Sadhguru. We would like to share the Master’s witty and insightful
responses to the following three heartfelt questions with you: “How Much Love
Is Too Much? / Fathers and Sons / How to Deal with Negative Emotions?”

Also in this issue: “Duryodhana: Humiliated to the Core” describes the fateful
events that fueled the desire for revenge in the eldest of the Kaurava brothers.
Our News & Events reflects Sadhguru’s wide range of engagements, from an
interaction with members of India’s Border Security Force, to a conversation
with a prominent film producer, to the participation in a popular TV show, and
the witnessing of a space rocket launch. Back to earth, we suggest adding some
veggies to your meal with our “Nepali Vegetable Achar” – a quick, healthy, and
comforting side dish based on a traditional recipe from Nepal.

The Editorial Team

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Isha Forest Flower, Isha Yoga Center, Velliangiri Foothills, IshanaVihar Post, Coimbatore – 641114
For subscription inquiries, please contact our Subscription Office:
(044) 48611137, 96770 16700 – subscriptions.FF@ishafoundation.org
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July 2017


Who Wants to Live Forever

Sadhguru on Muladhara and Kayakalpa




Duryodhana: Humiliated to the Core

The Highs and Lows of Emotions: 04
How Much Love Is Too Much? / Fathers and Sons / How to Deal with Negative Emotions?
Karan Johar in Conversation with Sadhguru

Who Wants to Live Forever 09
Sadhguru on Muladhara and Kayakalpa

Part 32: Duryodhana: Humiliated to the Core


Loosen Your Grip 14
Excerpted from Sadhguru Spot of 31 May 2017

Sadhguru with Border Security Force Personnel / A Conversation about 16
Adiyogi / Sadhguru on NDTV’s “Off the Cuff” / Sadhguru at the Launch
of the GSLV MK III Rocket / Karan Johar in Conversation with Sadhguru
Of Birds and Clouds 19
An Inner Engineering Participant Shares Her Experience

Isha Yoga – Program Highlights 20
Nepali Vegetable Achar 21
Returning Empty Handed 23

July 2017

The Highs and Lows of Emotions
Karan Johar in Conversation with Sadhguru

In this excerpt of a recent “In Conversation with the Mystic” edition, Karan Johar brings up heartfelt
questions to Sadhguru about love, father-son-relationships, and how to deal with negative emotions.

How Much Love Is Too Much?
Karan Johar: Is there a ceiling of extremity to extreme
emotions like love? When you love someone, how
do you really stop the extent of it?
Sadhguru: I would say… Please, I want you to listen
to this carefully, because you will immediately tweet
“Sadhguru said this” [laughter] – it is a dangerous
world today. If you love, love strong. If you hate, hate
strong. Whatever the hell you do, live strong. This
is very important. Otherwise you will live an insipid
life, not knowing a thing about anything. When
Adiyogi gave the yogic principles, he said this about
anything in life, no matter what it is. I have been
trying to convey this to people, but they do not grasp
it, because they have internalized too many flowery
teachings. They don’t look at what works and what
doesn’t work. They want something pretty. I am not
interested in what’s pretty or not – the only thing is
whether it works or not. Ultimately, what works is
So, not necessarily love or compassion, even if it is
anger, just stay on it for twenty-four hours – all of

you, just try this by yourself. Stay intensely angry for
twenty-four hours. By the end of these twenty-four
hours, or well before that, you will be enlightened.
But you will see you are not capable of being angry
for so long, because to stay intensely angry, you
need enormous energy. It burns you up. You can
manage to be irritated for the rest of your life. But
try to stay super angry for twenty-four hours. You
will see you can’t manage more than three minutes
– then you will feel drained.
There are yogis who live like this, angry, all the time.
Not about anyone or anything – simply angry about
nothing. Anger as a practice works wonderfully –
much better and quicker than love. The only thing
is with that kind of emotion within you, you can’t
live in social atmospheres. You have to withdraw
to a mountain cave. If you want to live in social
atmospheres, you need to be in a pleasant state of
emotion. Otherwise, you will constantly get into a
So, should you stop yourself somewhere? What you
are asking is, “Should I be constipated about my
love?” [Laughter] At least in love, know some sense
June 2017

of abandon, that there are no brakes on it. I would
say about everything in your life, pull out all other
pedals in your car – there should be only throttle.
Braking will happen when you die. It is not for you
to brake every day. It is not for you to control. Your
life will be curtailed somewhere – that’s nature’s
business. Your business is to be full on, because life
needs your support. Death is superefficient.
Stopping something is death, in a way. You are
afraid to love; you are afraid to laugh; you are afraid
to cry – you are afraid of everything. Nothing is done
with abandon – everything with constipation. Learn
to do something with abandon. Because if you do
not know how to at least scream in abandon, there
is no way you will ever know how to meditate or be
spiritual. Spirituality is a state of total abandon.

If you love, love strong. If you hate, hate strong.
Whatever the hell you do, live strong.

Karan Johar: I endorse that, and I will try and live
by that. But what happens when a positive emotion
reaches its extreme stage and ventures into a
dark area. Like, love can also transform itself into
Sadhguru: It’s like this – suppose you don’t have
legs, and I say, “Come dance,” you will say, “No, I
cannot even walk without my crutch.” “I cannot
walk without my crutch” and “I cannot live without
you” are the same thing, because you mistake your
dependence and your relationship with somebody
for love. Let’s look at what love is.
Love is a certain blossoming within you. A flower is
fragrant not because someone sprayed perfume to
the roots. It is fragrant because someone put filth to
the roots. You found a little flower of love within you.
Who is your manure? Who is your filth? I’m entering
dangerous territory here, with you also. But this is
exactly what we are doing. The question is just this
– whatever the most pleasant emotion within you
is, are you capable of bringing it on by yourself? Or
is your technology in a dilapidated condition, that
you are a push-start machine? Does someone have
to push you to get you going?
Your joy, your love, your peace, your ecstasy must
5 | ISHA

be your making – isn’t it so?
Karan Johar: Right.
Sadhguru: Then your love will become about sharing
your joy, not squeezing joy out of someone. Right
now, most people’s joy, most people’s idea of a love
affair is more like a mutual benefit scheme. “You give
me this – I will give you that. You can’t live without
me – I can’t live without you.” They make sure that
the other person also becomes invalid and cannot
live without them. This is a huge problem in human
societies. Love is not happening as a flowering –
it is something that we are trying to suck out of
someone. Love is not about someone else. I want
you to know this. You are a film personality, though
you said you are not an actor. But there are many
actors that people are drooling over with ecstasy,
simply looking at them on the screen. They have
never seen them in real life. They have only seen the
play of light and sound, but they love them.
What I am saying is you are capable of loving
someone who may not exist. He may be animated.
But you still love and you experience all the fruits of
love. Love is something that you do within yourself,
and you blame it on someone else. You can do it
by yourself. For a long time, this has been there in
this country. There have been Meerabais, Tukarams,
and other devotees. They taught you that to be in
an extreme state of love, you don’t need anyone
else. You can simply do it by yourself, and not just
in emotion. Even physical ecstasies happened to
them, simply because they were in a great love affair
with someone who was not even there.

Spirituality is a state of total abandon.

Love is something that you do within yourself.
Right now, you are in love with someone here. That
someone may not even know that you love them, but
you can experience love within you. You don’t need
the other person’s support. Love is within you if you
wish. You are capable of a variety of emotions. If
you want, you can make your emotion very sweet. If
you are in a pleasant state of emotion, naturally, you
do pleasant things. People may think you love them,
| 5
July 2017

even though you may not love them in the sense
they think you do.
Karan Johar: So, make love an island, not a country.
Sadhguru: No, no. Make love the universe, not an
island. Because right now, when you say, “I love
you,” you mean this one particular person – “only
you.” When you see other people, you give them a
stern look. But when you look at this one person,
you give them an excited smile. This is island
love. It is too discriminatory. I know you are in an
island city, but still you need to understand love is a
happening within you. Maybe someone provides the
stimulus, and we are grateful for that. But love is an
inner experience that is happening to you.
Once you understand this, why wouldn’t you walk
on the street lovingly? Why wouldn’t you look at a
tree lovingly? Why wouldn’t you look at a buffalo
lovingly? Why wouldn’t you look at a cloud lovingly?
Love is not something that will run out, so why
would you want to control it? In fact, with almost
everything that you experience – whether it is love
or joy or hate or anger – the more you exercise it,
the more it is available to you. Because it is entirely
your making. When it is your making, why don’t you
enjoy it every moment of your life? Somebody is
there; nobody is there – what is the problem? [Karan
Johar laughs]

Fathers and Sons
Karan Johar: When we talk about family, Sadhguru,
there are a few things that have always intrigued me,
and I seek answers or rather validation from a higher
energy such as yourself. I’ve always questioned
why there is an organic distance between a father
and a son, why there is always that angst in this
relationship? I am sure there are many here who
have experienced this in their own homes, in their
own environment.
Sadhguru: Because every generation makes the
same mistakes, which means they’re not learning
at all. Family is the most basic institution in the
making of a society, but this does not mean you
must remain basic. Your family is a biological
identity that we have. Your biology is the most basic
identity. Biology is a reality – obviously, your parents
gave you this body, at least to a certain extent. The
way your body is and the way it looks is essentially
because of them. Their bodies, in turn, were given

to them by somebody else. Limiting yourself to your
biological identity for an entire lifetime is a crime,
which has so many consequences. This country
has suffered a lot from it, for a long time.
The entire Mahabharata is a family problem. Even
today, we are still suffering from the “Dhritarashtra
syndrome.” “My son is the best. He should become
the king, no matter what.”
Karan Johar: Some sons haven’t managed very well.
[Sadhguru laughs]
Sadhguru: So, family is a basic identity that we are
born with. It’s a wonderful thing when you are a
child. Without this family support, you wouldn’t be
who you are today, in many ways. All due regard
and great respect to the family, because the human
creature is born in such a way that as you come out
of your mother’s womb, you are not ready to get up
on your feet and do things like other creatures. It
takes a long time before a boy becomes a man or a
girl becomes a woman, during which the incubation
through the family is most important. There’s no
question about that. But you are supposed to grow
beyond that identity, which a whole lot of people
never do, and they suffer for it. Sometimes, if they
are born in certain places, they even make an entire
nation suffer. [Laughter]

This is not a problem between father and
son – this is two men trying to share the
same space and the same woman called
mother by one and wife by the other.
As a child, it’s most vital that you are identified with
the family. As an adult, you’re supposed to grow
beyond that. Having said that, is it necessary that
every father and every son has to have some kind of
angst? It is not about father and son – it is just two
men being accommodated in the same home. When
you were eight or ten, your father was godlike. The
problem started after you became fifteen, sixteen,
when you wanted to be a man, and there was not
enough space. This big man occupied too much
space and thought “This is my space – who is this”?
In this situation, the two of them can’t recognize
each other as father and son – it’s just two men
and not enough space. This happens not only in
July 2017

human families but in every creature’s life, whether
it is an elephant, a buffalo, or whatever. There is
some friction, and either the younger one leaves, or
the older one does. This is not a problem between
father and son – this is two men trying to share the
same space and the same woman called mother by
one and wife by the other. [Applause]
Karan Johar: Two men! Well, that certainly breaks
the strong myth that this country has operated with,
because the problem was always meant to be two
women in the same house. You just turned it on
its head, which I believe is true, because I believe
the problem lies in the fact that two men can’t be
Sadhguru: It also happens between women, though
in a different way. Women do it in a feminine, covered
way. Men do it in a more head-on, head-butting kind
of way.

How to Deal with Negative Emotions?
Karan Johar: And I feel it’s always the mother energy
of the house that has to bear the brunt of this tussle
in the family. As an offshoot of that thought, I
believe very strongly that you tend to dump all your
anxieties, your angers, your fears, your insecurities
onto that one source that gives you the maximum
love and the one you love the most. Why is it that
we tend to lumber all our negative emotions on our
most positive light source?
Sadhguru: If you try to dump it on someone on the
street, they’ll smash you up. You are choosing a
safe place.
Karan Johar: But is that always fair?
Sadhguru: First of all, it’s not fair for you to carry
anxieties, angsts, angers, and problems within you.
If I try to torture you, you have some kind of defense
against me. Either you will fight me, or run away,
or do something else. But if you torture yourself,
you are the most defenseless creature. Even if you
poke an unborn child, he responds. He defends
himself in his own little way. But you are completely
defenseless against yourself. The worst kind of
torture, the lowest level of mind is one who tortures
himself. But they think they are the highest level of
people who “suffer for everyone.” You bloody suffer
anyway! [Laughter] If there is anyone around, you

dump it on them; otherwise, you simply suffer.
People come to me and say, “Sadhguru, I can’t
bear my mother-in-law – she is impossible. My
husband…after all, he is her son.” “My wife – she is
a terror to me.” “My boss – he is not even human.”
Like this, it goes on. I tell them, “Come, I will give you
good food and a nice place to stay. You don’t have to
do anything. For the rest of your life, I will take care
of you. The only thing is I will make random checks
on you. When I check, you must be joyful. I don’t
believe in feeding misery.” If you leave them in one
place for twenty-four hours, you will see how they
will mess themselves up. If you are miserable when
you are alone, you are obviously in bad company.
If you think that you are suffering because of some
other person, just stay alone by yourself, without any
entertainment, without texting, without television,
without reading. Simply sit in one place, joyfully.
Most people cannot stay there for even five minutes,
believe me. They are not on Facebook or Twitter
because they have something to say, or because
they have fallen in love with the world. It is just that
if they stay alone, they’ll go crazy. That’s a fact.
Karan Johar: What is the solution to that kind of
feeling of just not enjoying your own space?

If you want to enjoy simple things that
you do in your life, you must be at least
peaceful and joyful, if not ecstatic.

Sadhguru: It is because we have not looked at how
the human mechanism works. It is like you have a
super sophisticated machine – this is the machine
which drips super-computers. But have you read
the user’s manual? The entire yogic system is just
this. This is not a philosophy, ideology, religion, or
teaching – this is just the user’s manual. How your
body should sit, how it should breathe, how the
mind should be, how the emotion should be, how
the energy should be, what you can do with it, and
how you should keep it so that it will function at its
highest possible level. Cell phone companies have
been doing some research a few years ago, and they
found that the vast majority of people are only using
a small percentage of the cell phone’s capabilities.
July 2017

If that is the fact, that most people are only using
a small percentage of a small gadget, to what
extent do you believe are they making use of this
tremendous gadget [the human system]? Only on
the surface, because they are never bothered to
read the user’s manual. If I tell them this, they say,
“Sadhguru, can you give us the user’s manual?” It
is written into you. You have to spend some time
learning to read it. It was written by the source of
creation, not me or you. The problem is illiteracy.
Let’s say I give you a book in Tamil. If you look at it,
will it make any sense to you? If you do not know the
Tamil alphabet, it won’t mean a thing to you.
In today’s society, in modern education, we have
not even brought fundamental literacy towards how
to read this book [the human system]. Because we
have never read it, we are managing it by accident.
If you manage by accident, sometimes it works,
sometimes it doesn’t. One moment you are happy,
next moment you are miserable. One moment you
are peaceful, another moment, you are in turmoil.
Once, I was in Tel Aviv, and someone came and
greeted me “Shalom.” I said, “What does that mean?”
He said, “This is the highest way of greeting.” I


said, “That’s your opinion. But what does the word
mean?” He said, “It means ‘peace.’” Then I said,
“Why is peace the highest way of greeting, unless
you are born in the Middle East?” In South India, if
you come up to me in the morning and say, “Peace!”
I will ask, “What’s wrong with you?”
If you deprive yourself of something for a long
time, suddenly it becomes godlike. If you have
not eaten for ten days, even if God appeared, your
prayer would be about food. You deprive yourself
of fundamental things. To be peaceful and joyful
is not the ultimate goal of life. If you want to enjoy
your meal, you must be peaceful and joyful. If you
want to enjoy your friend, you must be peaceful and
joyful. If you want to enjoy walking on the street, you
must be peaceful and joyful. If you want to enjoy
simple things that you do in your life, you must be
at least peaceful and joyful, if not ecstatic. This is a
most fundamental requirement, but it is not being
fulfilled. Even so-called spiritual leaders are saying,
“Peace is the ultimate goal of life.” Such people will
only rest in peace. [Laughter & applause]

July 2017


Who Wants to Live Forever
Sadhguru on Muladhara and Kayakalpa
In this article, Sadhguru throws light on the muladhara, the energy center or chakra that constitutes the
foundation of the human system, as well as the largely obscure, mystical science of kayakalpa, which is
related to the muladhara and can lend a human being seemingly superhuman capabilities.

As the Universe, so the Human Being
There are two fundamental aspects to exploring inner
dimensions. One is you just want to be liberated.
This approach arises from an understanding or an
experience about the futility of the cycles of life.
Consequently, liberation is the only goal. Another
dimension to one’s inner journey is you want to
know the nature of existence. There is a natural
longing in every being to transcend the physical
nature of existence as well as the not-so-physical
aspects of life. But this does not mean there is no
value to them, or that one should not learn how to
handle the physical and the other dimensions in the
highest possible way.
The way life is made upon this planet – how it is
elsewhere is another matter – this human creature
is on top of the heap. The possibility of what can
happen on this planet has in some way reached
its peak. One way to look at it is that human
reproduction and the planetary system, which are
linked together, have reached a certain coherence
and alignment – the twenty-eight days of the human
reproductive cycle and the twenty-eight days of the

moon cycle are in sync with each other. Now that
this synchronization of the cycles has been reached,
there is no room for further physiological evolution
of human beings.
In that sense, if we want to know the nature of
life and the nature of anything physical upon this
planet – both animate and inanimate – the best
thing is to look at our own system, because all of
it is incorporated in its making. In this context, the
human system has reached a place where there
are one-hundred-and-fourteen energy centers or
chakras. If all of them reach their fullness, a human
being will experience a state of bodilessness.
This is another proof that the physiological evolution
of human beings is complete. In a creature that is
still in the process of evolution, this would not be
possible. If you can sit without any sense of body
even for a single moment, it means that this body,
this human creature has reached the peak. The
question is only whether you as an individual human
being are capable of staying there or not, that is,
whether you are focused enough to stay there or not.
July 2017

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