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The mongol tatars! Why they were apostates, who should be fought against and modern day
so-called Muslim governments and armies.

In The Name of Allah, The Most Gracious & Merciful
All praise is due to Allah, the most high, the most supreme authority, the only superpower of
unimaginable magnitude, for which mankind and creation cannot fully comprehend. We seek help,
guidance and forgiveness from him and we seek refuge inhim from the evil of our souls, and from
the evil of our misdeeds. Whoever Allahguides there is no deviator for him, whoever He causes to
be misguided;there is no guide for him. I bear witness with the utmost conviction that there is
noone or Deity worthy of worship other than Allah alone, And I witness the prophet-hood of
Muhammad bin Abdillah his slave and messenger. And after that;I will get straight to the point of
the matter, as I am not an eloquent writer, nor ascholar, but only a humble servant of Allaah , who
seeks to enlighten the reader on what the great scholars have said about the issue at hand. And
that is the tatars, why they were called apostates, and for what reason fighting against them
became obligatory. These fatwas are of utmost importance to us, in the 14th century (Hijri), as the
great 14th century scholars (such as Muhaddith Ahmed Shakir and former Mufti of Saudi Arabia
Muhammad bin Ibrahim Al-sheikh have said, ‘’the new Yaasiq” has caused much destruction and
deviance in our present day times. So indeed, many great , truthful scholars have identified some
similarities between the situation in the times of ibn taymiyyah (r.a) and our times, in order for
them to make this analogy (Qiyas) to derive the correct ruling and move forward with the correct
action. For verily we live in a time where Islaam only exists upon the tongues of certain claimers
of guidance, and only in study circles and books.This treatise is also a decisive refutation of the
modern day “Jews of the ummah”, the Murjiah of our time, who are better known and called as
“Saudi Salafis”, whose callers insist that these Fatawas are not concerning our time and cannot be
referred to at all to judge our situation. Evil indeed are the distortions they make, and most evil
are their ultimate goal of total inaction and pacification of the Muslim youth, who are returning to
Islam, by the grace of Allaah .
Direct Translation of Ibn Taymiyas Fatwa on the Tatars.

Majmoo Al Fatawaa - Ibn Taymiyyah , Volume 28 , page 576.

What do the great Fuqahaa Scholars of this Ummah say, concerning theseTatars(Mongol Tatars),
who emerged in the year 699H(Hijri). And they did what they became famous for, the killing of the
Muslims, and taking captives from the women and children, and plundering anyone of the Muslims