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Married Women are Easier To Seduce .pdf

Original filename: Married Women are Easier To Seduce.pdf
Title: Married Women are Easier To Seduce PDF EBook Download-FREE
Author: Marketing Genius

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Super Sex Power:

Married Women are Easier to Seduce

Let’s dive in…
Married women and women in relationships in general are easier to seduce. At
least that has been my experience. I also found that to be many other guys'
experience, too. You’ll learn why later on.
Your ego may experience the sweats!
This can be frightening to a guy that is married. On the other side (because there
always is another side), this can be an adrenaline rush for some guys who enjoy
the thrill of having secret sex with a woman that is off limits. Some guys feed and
seek out ways to seduce married women.
Could your wife or girlfriend fall victim?
Could she ever cheat?
Could she fall victim to another guys’ methods of generating lust in her?
If you don’t have the mind power to visualize her secretly screwing another guy,
then stop reading now!
If you can’t take graphic images and harsh language, then it is best that you
close this document now and delete it.
So let’s get back to the last question…
Could she fall victim to another guys’ methods of generating lust in her?
Let’s say for some crazy reason, the two of you agreed that she would never
ever eat chocolate cake again, even though eating a piece of delicious hot
chocolate cake is something that she enjoys with a passion?
Sounds fair?
What if a whole week goes by and she does not eat any chocolate cake? What
about a month? What about year?


What would happen if someone put a piece of cake near her nose while you
weren’t around and then convinced her how great and mouth-watering the cake
was and that you would never find out?
Would she just smell it?
Would she allow her self one little bite and one bite only?
What she just gobble it all down in seconds?!
Is she in control of her appetite?
Before I ask you if she in control of her sexual appetite, I want to mention one
more thing. Much of what I am going to reveal is the amazing insight that I
learned when I used to prey on married women years ago.
If you are the type of guy that says there is no way that any guy on earth could
ever seduce my wife or girlfriend, then I suggest – just for today – you pretend to
be open-mined. I suggest that you pretend that there is a possibility that women
cheat. And that your woman could fall in this category.
I hope you are not one of these guys that can’t deal with the thought of her
cheating so you don’t deal with the thought of her cheating…
Listen up – if she is not being sexually inspired the right way and you
notice that she isn’t exactly sexually intense during sex, then you can make
the case that technically she isn’t having sex at all.
You’re having sex, but she isn’t.
She is wide open the external seduction.
If she hasn’t been sexually intense in the bedroom for 5 months, isn’t it fair to say
that technically she hasn’t had sex in 5 months.
I’ll say that one more time. If she is not being turned on the right way and she
isn’t sexually intense, then she is not having sex at all!
She is sexually starved.
And last time I checked women enjoy having sex. So when they go long
stretches without sex they crave it like crazy. By the way a horny woman is easy
to spot.


In many cases some guys are in relationships with women that are technically
not having sex at all. He is having sex. He is enjoying himself. But she
experiences nothing.
And in some instances, SHE may have gone a whole year without sex! So what
happens when some Outside Guy comes along (i.e. a coworker, her boss, a
classmate, and old friend, etc) and he is pressing her lust buttons the right way?
She may not even realize how long it’s REALLY been since she has really had
Chances are she will tell him to buzz off at first. But what do you think is going to
eventually happen if he keeps lingering around constantly tapping on her lust
Imagine going a whole week without eating your favorite food (or dessert) and
out of nowhere someone puts your favorite food under your nose – every single
What if you went the whole week without the favorite food but in addition to that
you told yourself that you were not allowed to eat this favorite food? Would the
cravings increase or decrease?
By the way, solving your sexual performance problems is the easiest to fix
(assuming that you are fully functional). In today’s world there are tons and tons
of pills, drugs, herbs or whatever out there that will allow you to achieve
maximum potential.
There is no excuse for not being optimal.
As far as improving your sexual technique there are tons and tons of books out
there on that subject as well, so there is no excuse.
Let’s get back on track.
Some guys are actually good in bed – and the woman agrees – but he has no
ability to “sell his performance” (seduction).
He is lousy Sexual Salesman!
I don’t care how great your product (sex) is you have to market it and sell it! To
give you an example, I happen to like the Outback Steakhouse. There is nothing
like devouring a basket full of cheddar bacon fries and sinking my teeth into a
nice juicy steak. I’ve experienced this several times and each time it gets better.
For the past couple of months, I’ve been driving past one of these restaurants
twice a day because I have to pass it when I drop my son off for school.


But as much as I like their food, I only decided to actually go there one day after I
saw a very compelling commercial on TV. I was sold.
So even though I enjoy eating there, I still needed to be sold. After watching the
commercial, I began to lust after the food.
So your ability to seduce or sexual inspire (my substitute phrase for seduce) her
is where the points are earned. If you seduce her the right way and press her lust
buttons, she’ll cum a lot quicker and more often with little dependence on your
sexual technique.
Basically it wouldn’t matter as much what you did as far as your physical routine.
The secret is not just in the act of intercourse. For example, the most orgasmic
woman that I ever experienced came from me just rubbing and caressing her.
She was shaking and quivering with the slightest touch and when I rubbed over
her vagina her orgasms became somewhat violent. By the way, my ego is still
high from those days.
Here’s the lesson in that example. I only did part of the seducing. Obviously I had
to press her lust buttons, but she had installed a magnifier but telling me that
she was not suppose to have sex with me, because she was a virgin. She
basically was not allowed to have sex, but because she was not allowed this
increased her desire and made her want to do it even more!
So I can only take some of the credit.
So now that you know this, you can exploit it and take full credit when you
intentionally employ the mechanisms that allow the magic to happen. For
example, I have this thing that I do when me and my fiancé are driving
somewhere in the car. For some reason she ends up doing most of the driving.
Occasionally, she’ll put her non-steering-wheel-holding hand on my leg and I’ll
move in gently away and then cover my crotch area playing around and acting
like she was trying to touch me there. And like clockwork she’ll start playfully
fighting to actually rub me there. What’s even funnier is if she puts her hand on
my leg and I manually place her hand between my legs, she’ll often pull way.
In each case, I’ll laugh because it reinforces the idea that many women crave
doing the opposite of what a man wants – when he presents it in a certain
Now this little thing I do with the hand and my balls is something I just thought of
as I was writing this. It wasn’t actually an experiment that I set out to do. As far as


I’m concerned there is nothing I have to do to further convince myself that
women crave doing what they are not suppose to be doing.
The taboo nature and drama is what really gets them going.
In the case with the virgin, she developed and intensified the craving for sex
(which never happened between us) by telling herself that she is not allowed to
have sex.
Women want what they are not supposed to have just like they want to know
what they are not suppose to know.
My fiancé (in seconds) developed the desire to touch my balls just because I
communicated to her with my actions that she is not allowed to touch them. LOL.
Can this be applied to women that are married? And what I mean is the idea that
they are not suppose to sleep around. Can this be applied to women that are not
supposed to act on their lusts and betray the man they really love?
Do women cheat on the men they actually love?
I’ll give you my full analysis in a few seconds, but first I want you to ignore the
garbage that is in many of these psychology books that communicates this notion
that women only cheat when they are looking to upgrade their partner.
This is true in some cases. But what these authors and PhDs are not aware of is
that many women cheat out of lust – meaning they strictly want the guy for sex
and sex only.
So why would these geeky PhDs fail to report this information?
It’s simple.
You can not describe the sand on a planet you have never been to.
You also can not talk about a world that you don’t know exists.
I get the impression that many of those PhDs (you‘ve seen them on talk shows)
haven’t been on side of the equation where the insight exists.
Suddenly a guy that has only been with one woman in his life (his middle-school
sweetheart), takes a few tests – stays in college long enough – writes a few
books – weasels his way on television – instantly becomes qualified to speak
about women cheating & relationships.
Ignore the illusion.


If you do not think women cheat strictly out of acting on lust, then there is a
world you have never been to or never heard of. I’m saying this strictly because
I’ve been there enough times to walk away with some frightening insight. I’ve
brought back stones from this planet.
And this biggest stone is the idea that women (and people in general) are
compelled to do something strictly because they are not supposed to be doing it.
There is something about being told you can’t do something that puts a person in
a mind-craze.
Later on you’ll read about a technique in another report that was developed from
this discovery, it combines the “you are not allowed to” idea with another idea.
Hint: This technique is hard to believe, but if you don’t have a full 100%
understanding of the “you are not supposed to” state of mind which will be
explored, then you WILL find the true story hard to believe.
That’s why it’s important to engrain this into your mind. And if you want to know
the one story that sealed the deal, then listen up, I’m going to reveal in here in
this report.
Hint: It was not the hand push away thing. It was not the virgin that was
caressed into multiple orgasms.
It happened when I was talking to a young lady that I just met. She was the kind
of woman that I love talking to the most – extremely intelligent, extremely sexy
and extremely down to earth. This is the kind of girl that puts a smile on her
father’s face. At the time that she revealed what she revealed to me, she was
about 22 years old having only one sexual partner – her current boyfriend.
Logic tells you that there is no way I could disrupt this system. Logic tells you that
any guy is wasting his time with her. From the very beginning, she immediately
told me she had a boyfriend.
ME: “Have you ever cheated on him?”
HER: “Nope, and I would never cheat on him! I love him with all my heart.”
This is cool. I respect this.
Before I continue with what she revealed, let me tell you that this gets funnier
every time I hear it. I used to target women in relationships at one time – out of
some twisted act of compassion. I no longer or don’t think I would ever do it if I
was single.


I know that it is wrong (or not beneficial) and that I am not allowed to do this
(delayed laughter)…
My twisted logic at the time – was that if I targeted women in a relationship I
wouldn’t have to worry about them falling in love with me eventually because
they were already in relationships with guys they loved. I found this to be false.
But I figured that this was the only way I could have casual sex without having to
worry about breaking the woman’s heart.
From my experience, most of them ended up falling in love anyway. Surprisingly,
I discovered that they fell in love quicker than a single female. From my
experience it seemed like my seductive efforts were a lot easier.
MY ANALYSIS: I was getting a far greater sexual response per seductive move.
In other words, it appeared much easier to sleep with the women in relationships.
I’ll explain another powerful observation after I tell you what this young lady
revealed. This is the thing that opened my eyes to the idea that women can be
controlled (or inspired) to a given action if one knows how to manipulate the
Law Of “You Are Not Allowed to Blah Blah Blah”.
Since the creation of this amazing earth women have been documented as
sneaking around and doing things that they are not allow.
Did all of this start with Eve?
Let me give an example using the 22 year old good girl. Remember logic tells
you that a good and wholesome lady like that would never cheat, besides she
only been with one guy. According to her daddy, she is still a virgin.
Well first thing is she tells me immediately that she in a relationship with a guy
and she loves him like crazy. Do I back off? Nope. Why? Why?
By the way, the first woman to tell me that she had a boyfriend and that I couldn’t
have her number I ending up spending the night over her house that same night.
My ego used to be a crack smoking whore!
I’ll explain what happening with that little story later. And I’m not bragging - I
ended up feeling bad about the whole thing. The got the impression that her
boyfriend was a cool descent guy that would do anything for her. And in many
ways she was a very special person.


So anyway I didn’t back off (with the first female I was talking about). She then
“I have a secret that if my boyfriend ever found out, he would never believe it and
if he did believe it, he would be super pissed! He would be beyond enraged and
he was break up with me instantly!”
I was dying to know at this point.
She says that when she was 15 years old, she was working for some company. I
won’t reveal the name of it only because I don’t remember. But what I do
remember with amazing clarity was what she told me that happening at her job
when she was 15 years old. Before she told me about her naughty past, she told
me that her father was a racist and that if he ever found out she was sleeping
with anyone he would kill them.
Then she tells me something that blew my mind and I’ll analyze it when I’m done.
By the way, my ego just gave up smoking crack and now wants me to get to that
damn point!!!
She tells me that a 38 year old man at her job that her father would not approve
of began flirting with her to the point where she felt uncomfortable.
She said she had thoughts of quitting.
Then one day he called her into his office – just for the sake of getting her alone.
Once she arrived in his office, he closed the door. Out of nowhere, he pulled out
his penis and gave her some non-work related instructions - in a very
authoritative voice!
She tells me that she was so scared that she didn’t know what to do.
I’m thinking that so far that makes sense.
But then she tells me that she began to grant his request (giving him oral sex)
and within seconds SHE began cumming like crazy.
That part caught me off guard – on many levels!
She was a 15 year old innocent virgin girl and he was a 38 year old man.
I could not believe what I was hearing! By the way, I think her boss should have
been put in prison for life!!! He deservers zero respect!!!


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