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Title: Timing Chart for Perfoming an Attack in Star Wars: Armada

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[Draft] Timing Chart for Performing an Attack in Star Wars: Armada
1. “Declare Target” step

Attacker Action

1.1 Attacker declares which hull zone will be attacking

Defender Action

1.2 Attacker declares their target:
i. a hull zone on an enemy ship, or
ii. a squadron not already attacked this attack

If Attacker is a ship

1.3 Check the target is in the attacking hull zone's firing arc

If Defender is a ship

1.4 Check that the attacker has line of sight

If Defender is a squadron

1.5 Check the range of the attack
2. “Roll Attack Dice” step

2.1 Gather the attack dice
i. the battery armament for that range if attacking a ship, or
ii. the anti-squadron armament for that range if attacking a squadron,
2.2 Check if the attack is obstructed and remove one dice if it is
Are there any dice in the attack pool?

2.3 Roll the attack dice!
3. “Resolve Attack Effects” step
The following can be done in any order:
i. Modify or re-roll dice,
ii. add dice to the attack pool,
iii. spend dice in the attack pool (e.g. accuracy)


Attack is cancelled!
4. “Spend Defense Tokens” step
Defender declares and spends Defense
i. Scatter; remove all dice, cancelling the
ii. Evade; remove a dice or force a re-roll,
iii. Brace, Contain, Redirect are spent now, but
resolved later

5. “Resolve Damage” step
5.1 If the Attacker is a ship and if there is at least one [crit] in the attack pool, Attacker may choose
to resolve a critical effect (dice is not spent unless part of effect)
5.2 Add up the damage total based on the attack pool:
i. sum of all [hit] icons, and
ii. if both Attacker and Defender are ships, the sum of all [crit] icons,
iii. if a Brace Defense Token was spent, halve the damage total, rounded up
5.3 Defender applies damage to shields and/or hull one point at a time (redirecting damage if a
Redirect Defense Token was spent)
6. “Declare Additional Squadron Target” step
If the Attacker is a ship and the Defender a
squadron, go back to 1.2

7. If the Attacker is a ship, and has only
attacked once, go back to 1.1
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