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Below is a general overview of the key milestones in the EBTH process. You will receive an email with the exact timeline
for your sale from your PM. You will also receive regular email updates so that you may track the progress of your sale.
ESTATE SALE SPECIALISTS ARRIVE: Your PM, expert EBTH catalogers and trained photographers will come
to your home to group, inventory, prep, photograph, and pack items for shipment. Photographs will be taken
of any large items that will not be transported to an EBTH Processing Facility. If there are pieces not fit for sale,
we can arrange for donation and trash removal.
THE SHIPPING CONTAINER ARRIVES: The best-in-class shipping container that will transport your items to
an EBTH processing facility will be delivered to a designated spot outside of your home. It will be locked and
monitored by our staff.
THE LOADING CREW ARRIVES: Professional movers will load all items that will be shipped to the EBTH
Processing Facility. Large furniture items will remain in your home for the duration of your sale.
YOUR ITEMS ARRIVE AT THE EBTH PROCESSING FACILITY: Our streamlined process allows your pieces to
be photographed, tagged, researched and authenticated as quickly and carefully as possible. If at any time an
item is deemed unlistable, or damaged in transit, the EBTH Processing Facility will notify you and provide an
itemized list for your records.
YOUR ITEMS ARE SORTED: Since our experienced team knows how to position your items on EBTH.com for
optimal results, this may mean splitting up your pieces into different EBTH sales, and go-live dates may vary.
Once this process is complete, you will receive an email from your PM with confirmed timing for the start and
end dates of your sale.
YOUR SALE GOES LIVE: Your items are live on EBTH.com for up to 7 days. Bidding starts at a minimum bid of
$1, which encourages engagement from a global audience. The more people engaged with your sale, the more
value you’ll see!
THE SALE ENDS: The final 24 hours typically account for 90% of sale revenue! All bids are final and we take
care of collecting payment.
YOUR ITEMS SHIP: The EBTH staff will manage all shipping from the EBTH Processing Facility. Once your sale
closes, your items will be ready to ship right away. Your PM will work with you to arrange for shipping or pickup
of any large items that remained in your home or at a local facility. Then, we’ll email you an itemized inventory
list of everything that sold, with final sale prices.
WE SEND YOU A CHECK: You will receive a check within 30 days of the sale’s close. If you have items in
separate sales, you will receive individual checks after each sale has ended.