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Who Will Be Coming to My Home?
Your Project Manager and Estate Sale Specialists: Organizers & Photographers
When clearing out an estate, we often need the assistance of third party services to help with the removal of certain
items or authentication. In an effort to make the process as seamless as possible, EBTH is happy to coordinate the
third party services. Any fees associated will be deducted from the final sale net proceeds.
Potential third parties with whom EBTH may partner on your sale:
Junk Removal Experts: We receive a discounted rate from

Gemology: We call on the expertise of a gemologist for all sales

our junk hauler partner, but please be aware that there can

that include fine jewelry. Collections in excess of 15 pieces will

be premium charges for items such as hazardous materials,

incur additional costs of $15 per item.

mattresses and tube televisions.

Non-Profit Organizations: We will do our best to honor the

Art Authentication Services: Our in-house specialist, Graydon

seller’s choice of non-profit organizations for donations. Please

Sikes, takes the lead on art authentication.

note that sometimes these organizations’ turnaround times pose
a challenge to our commitment to efficiently getting in and out of

Fashion Authentication Services: We occasionally work with a

a home and we will have to use another partner.

third party to verify the authenticity of designer handbags, while
our in-house staff of fashion specialists inspect and verify the
authenticity and condition of other fashion items.

Professional Movers: In cases where a shortened timeline is
required for processing a sale (under 45 days) there may be
additional charges incurred for professional movers to remove
all contents from the home.
JSA Autograph Authentication: We rely on JSA for high
end items or commonly forged autographs. The cost for
authenticating each piece (regardless of the amount of
signatures) is $15. Some special items require mailing to
JSA for a full write-up and will cost more.