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Dear Church,
I write, or if the Lord wills read this letter to you with a broken heart and with much love and
prayer. My purpose in this letter is to make the church aware of three issues. Firstly, my present
dispute with the pulpit committee, secondly the subject of that dispute and lastly address
common issues and concerns raised about my absence and items likely to be raised about my
behaviour as your interim President and Interim Pastoral carer. You can be assured that
everything I will be sharing is biblically sound and legally safe.
The Issue
Many of the church members will recall that during a couple of meetings held on Sunday the 11
and 18th of September 2016 the church agreed that although constitutionally the pulpit
committee has the power to manage the day to day affairs of the church together with the
selection of a new Pastor, it was presented to the church and voted on and agreed by the
members that its power would be delegated out to other individuals. The two offices and
individuals appointed with that delegated power was Brother Mansour as Vice President and
myself as President. The Vice President was assigned powers to manage the administrative
functions of the church, whereas I was to manage the Pastoral care functions of the church.
The church leadership was therefore to consist of the Church President, Vice President and
Pulpit Committee each with their separate powers and responsibilities.
A dispute arose early on amongst the church leadership between myself, the Vice President
and the Pulpit committee. This dispute was about my desire to be transparent with the entire
church body about the sins of Nabeel, the second perpetrator and the number of victims
involved with both parties. The pulpit Committee and the Vice President are of the firm view that
we do not need to be transparent.

Why do I desire transparency?
Some of you may ask why is this an issue for me. Some may even say that we heard some of
the information through Brother Maroun at the start, why do we need to know more. What is
your purpose behind wanting to give disclosure to the church?
The simple answer to all the above is that I desire, as the pastoral carer to present to the church
the need for church discipline. Furthermore, to preach to the church the biblical doctrine of
church discipline so we know how to practice it. God’s Word makes it very plain that he intends
discipline of various types to be a part of church life, passage like Matthew 18:15-19, 1
Corinthians 5, 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15, Titus 2:15, Revelation 2:2 are a small sample of the
scriptures that provide for church discipline in scripture. It is always glorifying to God when we
obey his Word rather than cater to our own ease and expediency. My concern and what I know
to be the concern of the church is to do all to the glory of God.