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Wanting to provide Absolvent Talent Days participants with direct access to experience and
proven knowledge, we have organized over 83 discussion panels and workshops combined
with business practice. Activities have taken place in special training zone, and have been
held by the show-business representatives who are recognizable among the youth – Włodek
Markowicz and Łukasz Jakóbiak, vlogers. As many as 159 speakers have participated in
panels and workshops – brilliant businessmen and media personalities, as well as
recruitment experts. There was also time dedicated for young and satisfied employees who
shared their first experiences and recommendations.
In the employer zone participants could meet representatives of as many as 550
companies of 45 industries, and acquainted themselves with over 4000 job ads,
traineeships and internships offers. Many attendees participated in recruitment advises
offered by HR experts to students and fresh graduates. Trial job interviews and CV
consultations were of the highest interest.
Meeting the needs of recruiters, we facilitate companies searching for Young Talents – at
Absolvent Talent Days we offer a special zone devoted to direct meetings with prospective
employees. We already invite you to contact Group representative who will give
you more information concerning Effective Recruitment Package.