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Oxidising free radicals - The main cause of human aging

Introduction of quality water

Oxidation is the most basic chemical reaction in nature, this phenomenon can be seen
everywhere, such as the rusting of nails in moist environment, and the rotting of an apple that
is cut open.
Oxidation will also occur in the human body. On average, a normal person breathe up to
20,000 times per day, taking in oxygen during inhalation, releasing carbon dioxide during
exhalation. With the amount of oxygen taken in, about 98% is used by the body as a metabolic
consumption, and after oxidation, the remaining 2% will turn into harmful substance – free
radicals. Human beings have anti-free radical antioxidant enzymes (SOD, superoxide
dismutase, etc.), but with aging and modern factors, the function of these enzymes could not
completely clear free radicals. Breathing, smoking, drinking, electromagnetic radiation, and
gastrointestinal discomfort releases huge amount of free radicals.

Rich in hydrogen ion concentration ppm (parts per million)

Represents the amount of hydrogen ions in the water, 1ppm refers to 1 litre of water
containing 1 mg of hydrogen ion, hydrogen ions in the saturated water is generally
1.6PPM, that means 1 litre of water at most contains up to 1.6ppm of hydrogen ions in 1
litre water the amount of hydrogen molecules is 48 trillion x1000 million.

Oxidation reduction potential

Oxidation reduction potential as we speak, refers to the potential difference between the
oxidation capacity and the ability to restore. The unit of the potential difference is
represented by mV.
Reduction refers to the opposite of oxidation, removing reactive oxygen (oxidizing free
radicals). The oxidation capacity is represented by the + value, the larger the value the
stronger the oxidation capacity. The reduction capability is represented by – value, the
greater the value, the stronger the reduction capability.
Restore force
Reduction potential

Oxidising free radicals cause disease? Cancer? Premature aging?
Oxidising free radicals are extremely active destroying elements, which can destroy the
body cells, causes unsaturated fatty acids on cell membrane to oxidize, hence the loss
of cell membrane, protease denaturation, thereby accelerating human aging process.
There are worst effect such as free radicals attack on the gene, destroying gene
molecular structure, leading to change in the gene chain and thus causing chaos in the
systematic way of life. This is why premature aging exist.



When oxidising free radicals destroy the body
cells, strong antioxidant such as active hydrogen
will occur, it will prevent oxidising free radicals from
attacking cells, controlling oxidising free radicals to
achieve stable form, thus protecting the body cells
from damage. The final product is a combination of
hydrogen and oxygen that produces harmless water.
It reduces the chance of cytopathic disease, and
slow down cell death.





Product parts schematic

Cup body
External release










Cup lid

(water molecules)


Oxidizing power

Fermented Lemon Tomato Tap water
soya beans





How to use:
1. On: Press the button briefly once, the LED will light up
with a chirp sound to indicate that it is on, working for 4
minutes; or press and hold on to the button, LED will light
up with two chirp sounds to indicate that it is on, working
for 6 minutes.

Working part

2. Closed: After the selected working hours (4 minutes or 6
minutes), the cup will automatically stop working. Or, in
the process of hydrogen production, press the key until the
LED indicator is off and accompanied by chirp sound, this
will manually stop the work of the cup.


3. Charge: Please use the output of 5V / 1A mobile phone
adapter and USB charging cable, to charge the cup.


Charging port

4. Working status: When working, the LED light is blue.
When charging, the LED light is red. When fully charged,
the LED light will turn green. When working, if the red
light flashes, it means that the cup is low in power, and
needs to charge up.

What is Hydrogen Water

Product Features :

(This product is produced by ionizing H2O to produce hydrogen molecules H2 (Hydrogen),
Hydrogen water in Japanese, "water" means "hydrogen" so, it is called "hydrogen"
providing healthy drinking water for people.) Hydrogen exist in the natural environment as a domestically and also known as hydrogen-rich water.
simple structure, distributing light elements. Modern medicine has shown that water is an
Hydrogen Water is not any ordinary water, Hydrogen Water is water containing
hydrogen ions. According to the Nobel Prize-winning PhD study, "hydrogen" is the smallest
endogenous antioxidant that has excellent benefits for eliminating free radicals.

How to charge :

This product contains a lithium battery. Please use the wires and plugs that are compatible
with this product.
1.When the hydrogen cup’s LED light is flashing red, please charge the cup accordingly.
2.Connect the USB cable with the suitable adapter into the cup.
3.Open the waterproof lid and connect the micro-B terminal to the base connector.
4.Connect the adapter to an external power source and turn on the power switch.
5.Hydrogen cup’s LED light will be lit red, when the LED light turns green, it means that it
is fully charged. Pull out the data cable and put on the waterproof lid to continue using the

Standard packing list :

Cup, Charging cable, Plug, Coaster, User manual, Certificates, Warranty card

Common problems :
Problems and failures


During initial use, the ion film in a dry state, the penetration effect is poor, there will be
less bubbles, low hydrogen concentration, which is a normal situation. After one or two
In the process of
making hydrogen-rich electrolysis, this situation will improve. If after many processes, the bubble are still few,
water, the bubbles are please try to use about 50 OC hot water for hydrogenation. This is because the hot water
will accelerate the penetration of ion exchange membrane. If the situation still does
improve, please contact the local dealer, or call RUNXIN national customer service
Buttons not
Please confirm whether the cup is charged, if not, please charge. If the cup is charged, but
the switch does not respond, please contact the local dealer, or call RUNXIN national
The indicator does
customer service hotline.
not light up.
The cup is unable to
gain power, but is
able to charge with
external power.

After charging the cup for a while, unplugging the power causes the cup to not turn on.
But when connected to an external power supply, the cup can be activated, that means
the lithium battery is damaged. You can choose to turn on external power for
hydrogenation, or contact your local dealer to replace the battery.

Has water bubble
during hydrogenation
but no light.

LED is damaged, contact the local dealer or call RUNXIN national customer service

Water leakage
occurs on the cup.

Please loosen the cup and tighten again, and then check whether it continue to leak,
please check the base and the lid for plastic gaskets, if lost, please contact the dealer for

element known in the universe, and all creatures must use hydrogen to sustain life. Hydrogen
is the key to life, death and aging, there is no hydrogen, there will be no life on earth.
The body is composed of about 60 cells, and the cells are aging as time passes, and then
generating new cells to sustain our lives.
Hydrogen Water is the basis for the vitality of cells, hydrogen atoms will release an
electron, also known as active hydrogen, it has strong reduction, even stronger than hydrogen.
Hydrogen Water is made through electrolysis generation, so that water can be rich in
minerals, as compared to traditional electrolysis of water, can be more effective against free
radicals in the body, and the human body is more effective in absorption. In the pursuit of
healthy lifestyle, the demand for drinking water is no longer for simply quenching one’s
thirst, but instead having thirst-quenching clean water.
Nowadays, it is more desirable to drink healthy water. In developed countries, families
with infants and young people, hydrogen water generator have become an essential household

Hydrogen Water Effect
Causes of free radicals
Free radicals
produced in the body
· Make up
·UV Rays
· Natural aging
Irregular rest time
· Smoking, alcohol
·Food additives
Excessive caffeine
Air cond, computer, copier
Broken ozone layer, car exhaust
emissions, other environmental

Hydrogen-rich water, also known as Hydrogen
Water. Modern medicine recognize that things go
through the process of acidification (oxidation),
breathing oxygen, smoking and drinking alcohol as
well as environmental pollution sources, will cause
the body to produce a lot of free radicals, it will
destroy cell tissue, causing genetic disease and body
Active hydrogen can effectively remove free
radicals in the body, it is more effective than vitamin
C, carrot, lecithin and all other known antioxidants,
to counter allergic dermatitis, constipation,
hypertension, diabetes, cancer and various types of
symptoms caused by free radicals, Hydrogen Water
plays a strong role in prevention and treatment.
Drinking hydrogen-rich water often, can
promote great metabolism, so that each cell can
remain a healthy state, removing unhealthy
variables, and encourage anti-aging.

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