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Muslim Hands is an international charity which strives towards supporting poverty and
disaster stricken vulnerable communities in different parts of the world. The charity's
international relief work encompasses education, health and housing. It also provides
immediate provision of basic life saving relief in parts of the world affected by disaster.
This includes a global supply of medicine, clothing, food, fresh water, tools and
equipment, and other day to day necessities.
Muslim Hands are equally concerned and aware that support is required to meet the
ever changing needs of the community in the UK. We are very pleased to say that in
the past year we have been privileged to be able to support and grow the ‘Muslim
Women in Prison Project’ in partnership with the Huddersfield Pakistani Community
Alliance (HPCA). The need for this project was based on the fact that Muslim women
in prison are not on the radar of the Muslim community and other service providers.
This is often a forgotten section of the community. We were alerted to the issue by a
number of high profile cases involving Muslim women and the experiences and
awareness, shared by our Director for Community Develpment, Maqsood Ahmed, a
former advisor to HM prisons.
Muslim Hands and HPCA undertook a pilot project for improved in-depth
understanding of issues, challenges and experiences of Muslim women during their
custody and post release. HPCA was selected as a partner due to its successful
track record of managing sensitive issues within the Muslim community and also its
close proximity to New Hall prison, a women only prison. Our faith in HPCA was not
misplaced. The findings from the pilot project are testimony to the care and diligence
the organisation has exercised in taking the initiative forward and making it a
resounding success.
I commend this report to you. Please study its findings and send us your feedback. I
take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Governor of New Hall & Askham
Grange prisons and her team. I would also like to thank the management of HPCA,
particularly the project adviser, Ishtiaq Ahmed. Special recognition goes to Sofia
Buncy the Project Lead Officer, for her dedication, sensitivity and creative handling of
the project.

Syed Lakhte Hassanain
Chairman of Muslim Hands