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OCC Sports booking process
Club/Hirer requires pitch. Full details about pitches / venues available is located on OCC

Club/Hirer contacts OCC Sports booking team to
arrange booking.
Deadline for booking: Thursday at 12:00pm.
Contact details: 01865 252 240

Member of OCC Sports booking team
allocates suitable pitch to team and
confirms booking with Club/Hirer in

Member of OCC Sports booking team provides Club/Hirer with copy
of Sports Booking Agreement, which Club/Hirer must sign in
duplicate. A signed, hard copy must be returned to:
Parks office, Cutteslowe Park, Oxford, OX2 8ES

If changing rooms are required and available at venue,
representative of Club/Hirer collects key from the OCC
Parks office (address provided above). A £50 deposit (cash
or cheque addressed to Oxford City Council is required.

Member of OCC Sports booking team generates fixture list
for all bookings on Thursday afternoon, to cover
forthcoming weekend, plus Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday of the following week.
Member of OCC Sports booking team generates invoice for
Club/Hirer, which is sent electronically to email provided on
sports booking agreement.
Invoice must be paid in full by fixture start-date.