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Bookings can be made by;
 Telephone: 01865 252240
 E-mail:
 In Person: Parks Office, Cutteslowe Park, Harbord Road, Oxford, OX2 8ES


Payments can be made by Cheque, Online transfer via internet banking, or over the
phone by Debit / Credit card. An administration fee of 1.5% is due for all credit card payments.


All bookings must be made at least 48 hours before the start time. The last booking
is taken each Thursday 12.00pm for the forthcoming weekend.


The Council will not make provisional bookings; bookings are made on a first
come first served basis.


Actual kick-off times must be clearly agreed at the time of the booking.
Clubs/Hirers should state at the time of booking if there may be extra time played
e.g. for cup games. If this is not adhered to there will be an additional charge.


Clubs/Hirers with bookings at all non-staffed premises will be required to collect a
key from the Cutteslowe office which will provide them with access to two changing
rooms, officials room & barrier (where applicable). Clubs/Hirers will be responsible
for setting the pitches up to play (e.g. putting up nets) and then taking them down
at the end of the match. They are also responsible for leaving the site in a neat &
tidy state.


The dates, times and facilities for all bookings will be recorded on a spreadsheet.
Park Rangers have the right to inspect team invoices at the time of play to ensure
the correct pitches are being used. Please bring your invoice to every match ready
for inspection.


At any point whilst making a booking, disputing a booking, or any follow on
correspondence with OCC staff that the hirer is deemed to be rude or abusive, a
formal warning will be given to the team and if persists will jeopardise the clubs use
of OCC facilities.


OCC reserves the right to change which sites are manned (if any) at any point in the


OCC reserves the right to allocate any pitch(es) of the required size to Clubs/Hirers,
irrespective of any prior agreement with OCC to provide a particular pitch at a specific venue.


For maintenance purposes, and during the final stages of the football season in particular, it may
be necessary to relocate fixtures to a different pitch and/or venue from the regular pitch/venue
used by the Club/Hirer, and OCC reserves the right to do so.

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