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Use of Facilities

All Clubs/Hirers must leave the pitches and surrounding areas clear at the end of
their session.


Clubs/Hirers must only use the facilities described on their invoice. Staff may inspect
invoices during the games.


The equipment listed in this agreement will be stored in one of the lockers in the
pavilion. After use the Club/Hirer will return all equipment in a good condition to the
store and check that it is locked. Please report any missing items immediately to the
Duty Supervisor on 07711439090 to ensure you are not liable for any additional


Clubs/Hirers must ensure that players do not tamper with or remove any of the
equipment provided. The Council reserves the right to charge Clubs/Hirers for the
replacement of lost/stolen/damaged equipment in accordance with the prices listed.


For matches where children and adults are both involved a separate changing room
will be hired free of charge which must be used by the children separately from the
adults subject to proper supervision.


If a pitch is declared unfit by the Council, all play is prohibited. Any Clubs/Hirers
playing on a pitch declared unfit will be charged for the costs of any damage caused
and may have future bookings refused/cancelled.


Matches disrupted by other players will be re-arranged during or at the end of the
season, subject to availability.


Premises must be left clean and tidy and all equipment and furniture must be stored
away as required.


Players must not wear spikes inside Horspath Pavilion.


Players must not bang footwear against any of the walls of the premises to remove


Players must not wash their boots in the showers or sinks.


Players must not put excrement on the inside of toilet doors or anywhere within the


It is against the law to smoke in any Council premises. The consumption of alcohol
on the premises is strictly forbidden, unless the club has written consent from the
Council. The Clubs/Hirers are responsible for enforcing this.


Clubs/Hirers must ensure all lights are switched off and all changing room doors and
windows are locked securely on leaving the premises.


All rubbish must be bagged up and placed in a designated area; teams leaving
rubbish in the pavilion or around the perimeter of the pitch will be given a warning on
7 / 11