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Note from the Editor

It’s the summer that never was and as we hurtle
towards the August weekend there’s no sign of any
sunshine on the way after a week of pretty miserable
weather with a lot of rainfall.
Kerry got the job done against Galway last weekend
but were far from impressive but another AllIreland title is within grasp this weekend as they
take on Meath in the Junior final at Portlaoise, so
best of luck to trainer Jimmy Keane and all of the
Congratulations to the Ballybunion Junior
Foursomes team who lifted provincial honours on
Tuesday last in Fermoy and now head for the
national semi-finals in three weeks time. The Junior
programme at the club that was put in pace a
number of years ago is certainly beginning to pay
It’s the August weekend and lets hope it will be a
busy one for the town and above all a trouble-free
one. Last year was a poor year for tourism in
Ballybunion but this year has been worse and I have
to say that I have never in my life seen the pubs as
quiet during the week nights.
Here's hoping that thing will pick up a bit for the
remining three weeks or so .
Have a great weekend everyone