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Kerry were far from impressive but still managed an
eight point win over Galway in last Sunday’s
All-Ireland quarter-final to set up a semi-final clash
with either Mayo or Roscommon in Croke Park on
Sunday August 20th.
While their were a number of positives that the
Kerry management can take from the game like the
outstanding performance from Kieran Donaghy and
a solid contribution from the returning Johnny
Buckley, the ease with which the Kerry defence
was opened up by the Galway forwards will be of
major concern to Eamonn Fitzmaurice and his
selectors and like in the previous game against
Cork if the opposition forwards had been sharper
then the Kerry net would have bulged a number of
Coming into the match Kerry’s had not played a
competitive game in four weeks and it certainly
showed in their passing and movement.
As Pat Spillane said afterwards, “You can play all
the games of A versus B and Backs versus
Forwards in training but there is no substitute for
real action”.
There will now be another three weeks before the
semi-final clash and its difficult to know if the draw
between Mayo and Roscommon will be of benefit
Kerry or not.
Mayo have already played six championship
matches with two of them going to extra time
against Derry & Cork so you would wonder if they
do manage to prevail against Roscommon on
Monday next in the replay, if they will be burnt out
facing Kerry or will those extra games work in their
favour ?
Roscommon on the other hand beat Leitrim and
Galway to win the Connaught title and having
drawn against Mayo will have played one more
game than Kerry should they emerge successful
from the replay.
The “Experts” seem to think that Roscomon missed
their chance on Sunday last but I have a sneaking
suspicion that it will be them who face Kerry on
August 20th.
Whether its Roscommon or Mayo, Kerry still need
to up their game if they want to appear in the final
on September 17th where they could face either
Dublin or Tyrone should they both win on Saturday.