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NovEMBER, ! 88 1

Z I O N 'S


whole earth, yet i n the inception o f the kingdom i t will JtOt
have this double character.
[Jehovah's feet stand on the
Mount of Olives as one at first, before its division.]
And so
we read that when demanded of the Pharisees when the king­
dom of God should come, Jesus answered and said :
kingdom of Heaven cometh not with observation, neither shall
ye say, Lo here ! or lo there ! for behold it will be in your
(Luke, 17 : 2 0 . )
That is to say-the kingdom of God



It is only
will be among but invisible to men in its coming.
after it has come and done a work, that the visible phase 1s
due--during the Millennia} age.
It is for this kingdom in both its phases (especially the
spiritual, where our inheritance is) that we pray "Thy km g tlorn
come ; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. " Oh, n1ay
the time soon come when Jehovah's feet will be establ ished a u d
his footstool made gloriou s !

"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of Him that bringeth g ood tidings, that publisheth peace, that IH ingeth good
tidings of good, that publisheth salvation j that saith unto Zion, Thy G od reigneth." I sa. 52 : 7 .
Among the many beautiful and appropriate figures used to
represent the "little flock" and their union with Jesus, i s that
of a human body-Jesus the head, and the true church thA
members of the body.
Sometimes, as in 1 Cor. 12 : 13-27, all the parts are represented in any assemblage of the church, the hand and foot, &c.,
as well as the various excellent qualities which belong to the
heau-hearing, seeing and express10n.
Thus the head of the
church is present with the members of his body whenever two
or three o r more of them meet-in his name ; and the body is
complete and as effective for growth ir. G race, Knowledge and
Love ( ami far more so) as if hundreds of unbelievers and
merely nom1nal christians were p resent. When thus spoken of
the more aule and intelligent ones are mentioned in contrast
with the less brilliant by calling one class head ( Eye, Ear,
etc.,) and the other class feet, ( vs. 2 1 ) .
Thus mentioned the
word feet will be seen to mean the lowest members which require the especial assu.;tance of the others.
But another sense in which feet may be understood, is as
indicating the labt part, or completion of the body.
So to
speak The Christ has been in p rocess of development during
the Gospel age-the head first anu we, the living, representing
the feet, last. This certainly is not an unreasonable deduction,
a n d there are several texts which seem to ind1cate that the
last members of the overcoming band, are mentioned especially
unJer the term " feet"-not in the sense of degraded but as the
last-or end of the "llttle fl ock."
The Scnpture above ctted is of this character, and while
Paul quotes a part of it (Hom. 10 : 15) "How beautiful are the
feet of tltem that lJreach the Gospel of peace and bring glad
t 1 d i n gs of good t h mgs," and whlle it has undoubtedly been
t rue o f all the members of the Body of Christ, that they were
t he bearers of glad tidmgs, and that to all who receiveu the
message their footsteps were welcome, yet it is true also that
the proclamation of many of the sweetest notes of the glad
t1umgs of restitution, are rese1 vetl until now during the soundwg of the seveuth trumpet.
(Rev. 1 0 : 7, Rom. 16 : 25 ) when
tl:e mystCJ !J of God is finished, which he hath kept secret from
t i l l• fon!l<l a t w u of the \\ Orl d .
Truly oms is a choice and favored day compared with any
age of the church, for though God's Word has always been a
lamp to enlightt:n " the body" all through the dark night, yet it
is true, that m an especial sense it is giving light to the "feet,"
a s w e read :
'"Thy word i s a light to my feet." Livmg i n the
tiu1e of the fulfillment of so much prophecy we walk in the
blazing light of our lamp, a n d on us a n d o u r day the eyes of
all "the body" throughout this age have anxiously rested ; and
of our day-' 'The day of the Lord," and our gathering together
unto him, both Paul and Peter wrote more frequently than of
their own day.
Hence it ueeJ not sm pnse us, if unuer the
figure of "feet" the Prophets mention us.
There is one part of the text above quoted, which certainly
was never applicable to any but the present members ; this part
Paul omits, because it was not applicable until now, viz : " 'l'hat
Jo>,t ith unto Z w n , Thv Gotl H'l,!! l l c t h . "
As we saw in the July number, in the application of I sa.
61 by Jesus, he used such part of the quotation as was applicable to his preaching and left unquoted the words-"the
Jay of vengeance of our God," because the proclamation of the
day of vengeance was not due until our day, and therefore
while the whole message referred to, has been proclaimed by
the Christ, yet only the feet have been pnvileged to utter i t
all. So with the Scripture now under cons1ueration ; Jesus and
the Apostles had a great and important part in proclaiming
"the good tidings of good," but only the feet of h�m have been
privil eged to say "unto Z i on , Thy Go<l r<•igncth."
The beauty of the feet's position, and the honor connected
with their p roclamation does not appear to the eyes of the
World. Oh no, none of the members of the Christ have been
of earth's heroes or wise, but in their eyes "we a1 e counte<l
fools." No, it is from the spiritual standpoint of Gou anu of
those who have ears to hear, that the tidings beaters are esteemed.
We rejoice then in our privilege as being among those who

announce to Zion these tidings that the kingdom begau in 1 8 i S .
At present our tidings can only b e received by faith i n the
same authority on which we base our statements-the WorJ of
God-consequently, not many are now able to hear. But �oou
there will be abundant evidence of the truth of the statemeut
in the crumbling and falling of the various systems of iniquit:
-both in the uprooting of the blasphemous heresies of the
church, Roman Harlot, and Protestant daughters ; and afterward, in the j udgment and chastisement of the nations o f
earth, who through these false teachings, haYe established oppressive governments, which the harlot churches assure them
are christian governments, telling the people they are of G o d ·,
appointment and are the "Kingdom's of our Lord anu of His
Receiving their original right ( Y) of ruling, from Papacy,
these kingdoms are today recognized and blessed by all the
But these are all parts of that great system of
A nti-Christ, or opposition to the real church and Kingdom of
God mentioned by Paul (2 Thes. 2 : 8 ) which the Loru shall
consume by the spirit of his mouth (truth) and destroy by the
bright shining of his presence.
Truth the spirit of the Lord's mouth, may come through a
thousand channels, even blasphemous Infidelity may be one o f
the agencies and we believe it is the truth uttered, though
mixed with error and blasphemy which is the secret of power
against Babylon, for it strikes her on her time honored and
It is truth with respect to human
festering sores o f error.
rights and equality, which is now moving Communists, Nihihsb
and Socialists to resist oppressive governments, and which will
in time overthrow them ; and truth it is, which will prepare the
world for the blessed reign and rule of the kingdom of God,
though in the development of truth, in i.ts various bumche-;,
both the nominal church and the world must pass a terrible
baptism of trouble : -Yet in it all, t r'llth will be conqueror anJ
come off victorious, because now, the rule and govemment has
been assumed by "Him whose right it is."
11 e has taken to
himself his great power and his reign 1s commenced, consequently we may soon expect the wrath and angry nahons of
Rev. 1 1 : 18.
How clear it is then, that the declaration to Zion, ·'Thy G od
reigneth," is due now before the feet are JOined to the hotly m
Glory, and before the j u dgments of the Lord !{O a h roatl ; for
then it will need no proclamat ion ; it will mani fe�t to all b y
the outwaru signs that the kingdom is set up-even the tnbe�
of the earth shall then see-recognize--that the g reat day o f
his wrath is come.
It is the feet of the Christ t h a t Z u I liff t h e g l a d tiding�,
though others may echo and re-echo the glatl song.
Agaw, David who often represents 01 personifies The Cbnst ,
says :
Jehovah-"Brought me up out of a horrible ptt ( de)•th
of confusion) out of the miry clay, and 8Ct my feet u pon a
rock and established my goings."
( Psa. 40 : 2. )
We might
make a sumlar apphcat10n of this scripture.
The whole body
of the Christ (except the head) wa:J down in the p i t of eon f u sion a n u mire of sin ; all through t h i s Gospel age J ehonth h.tS
been l i fting them up, or taking out a people for hts ttallle-separating such from the world aud mire of s 1 n ; au,l la�t t o
be lifteu up are tlte feel, and truly t he 1 ' t t h :l \ e heen p l a c·l'd
upon the rock of truth.
While the whole body has had truth as a ba�-1s o f fa1th and
trust, ) Ct u u t l ou h t ed l y the feet are more fi l w ly c:,tabhshcd by 1 ! ,
than any p 1 ev i om; p a r t of t h e body, be�au :;;c " e l l \ c 1u t he
time where t he l!gltt of all past ages c e n t ers and t he 111 !/Sft r!'
of Go•l is finished.
"How fi rm a foun<lat w n , ye salllts of tht' Lo1 ,J,
I s laid for your faith i n his c:�.eellent Word."
Again, wh1le it is true that a l l me1ube1 s o f t h e b od y , ��m�
a new soug of praise to God when li fted from the dept h s of
confusion anu mire of sin, yet it 1s espeoally trtll' o t' the T r:d
-the song of praise breaks forth as soon as t he ft•t•t to u r h t he
solid rock of truth anu reali7e that-

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