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"W a tch m a n , W hat o f th e N i g h t ? ’’ “ The M o rn in g C o m e t h . ’ '— Isaiah xxi. 11.

No. 5


The opening year finds the whole world in a state of finan­
cial depression which will doubtless be worse before improve­
ment comes. Since we are advised in Scripture that the
Day of the Lord’s presence will be a time of trouble such as
was not since there was a nation, some may be inclined to
anticipate too much, too speedily. This is a tendency which
all need to guard against.
We should not for a moment lose sight of the apostles
striking illustration of the trouble of this day, as recorded in
1 Thes. 5:3. From this illustration we should expect spas­
modic trouble and distress of nations: and that these will
become more frequent and more serious until they reach the
climax stated by the prophet, and result in the death of pres­
ent systems and the delivery of the children of this world
into the New and better, the “golden” Millennial age, in which
the King of righteousness shall rule and reign Lord of all,
blessing the families of the earth.
To those who have made the Lord even the Most High their

refuge and habitation, we would say: “ Trust in the Lord and
do good;” “ He shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light
and thy judgment as the noonday.” In this connection we
commend to your careful study Psalms 37:1-19 and 91 entire.
Strengthen yourselves, arm and equip yourselves with the
whole armor of God, remembering your part in the conflict of
this day, that it is not with flesh and blood but with the spir­
itual darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high (controlling
or leading) places and the fiery darts of the wicked one. Thus
so much the more as ye see the day drawing on “ strengthen
ye the weak hands and confirm the feeble knees. Say to them
that are of a feeble heart, B e S trong ! fear not ! Behold your
God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompense;
He will come and save you.” The signs then of the days of
vengeance and recompense are sure signs of the Lord’s pres­
ence, and that our redemption, deliverance, and exaltation,
and the blessing of the world, are nigh at hand.

New Orleans, La.
C. T. R ussell : — Dear Brother-.— I am by birth a Norwe­

gian. My prayers of late have been that the Lord would
raise up some one in my Norway home to explain the Glad
tidings as it is in Jesus. Today the thought has come to me
to contrive to have the pamphlets “ Food” and “ Tabernacle,”
with October number of the T ower, translated into that lan­
guage. You see the interest your publications have found
among the Swedes. Now, I believe that the Norwegians are
a still more religiously inclined people than the Swedes in
general. In short, I believe the truth would meet with a
still better reception among them. You will probably question:
“ Do not the Swedish publications meet the demand of the
Norwegians also?” I answer, “ No; the two languages differ
so much that the Swedish number of the T ower is almost of
no use to the Norwegians, and will hardly be read by any of
them.” There is also a little prejudice existing between the
two nations. I pray God to open a way to have it published
in Norwegian. The “ Food” and “ Tabernacle” would, I know,
be a great blessing to the saints in Norway.

I have an instrument for the work with me now, in the
shape of a young man— a relative of mine— thoroughly versed
in both English and Norwegian, and he would gladly under­
take the task, if I could find the means to keep him with me
long enough for the work. But, then, again, comes the publi­
cation, which requires a great deal of money.
Submitting this thought to your kind consideration. I will
make it a subject of prayer. If it is our Father’s will, the
means will he forthcoming.
My friends in Norway have been desiring me, for a long
time, to come home. Would it not be a precious work to re­
publish the W atch T ower in Norway, and distribute the Glad
Tidings over there? Your brother in the hope,
[This and similar expressions of interest and effort remind
us of the Macedonian cry, except that it comes now from all
quarters, wherever a few of the saints have been led into the
light— Come over into Norway. Sweden, Germany, and let us
have the truth in our own tongue. As rapidly as opportunity
and means offer, we shall heed the call.— En ]

A charter of incorporation for Zion’s Watch Tower Tract
Society was granted December 13th, 1884. In accordance
with the same, Certificates have just been sent to each con­
tributor to the Fund, whose donations (all told) amounted to
Ten Dollars or more. Each ten dollars representing one vot­
ing share.
The certificates are neatly printed and bear the Society’s
seal upon the face. On the reverse side is a brief statement
of the object and past efforts of the Society, the time and
mode of electing its officers, etc. The Incorporators are the

Directors, named below, from among whom the officers indi­
cated have just been elected for the year 1SS5:
C. T. R ussell , Pres..
M. F. R ussell , Sec. and Treas .
W. C. M cM il lan ,
W. I. M a n n , Vice Pres.
J. B. A damson
J. F. S m it h .

F a it h triumphs over reason by receiving the revelation of the God of leason.

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