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October 9th was an interesting meeting for the GCTC.
The meeting was called to order at 1936 with 22 members
and 2 guests. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Alex (Barbara)
Kovac of Lantana, Fl. They plan to join the club around
the first of the new year 2015. The Treasurer, Ed
D’Amato, was not available, Jan Smirnow, Secretary,
gave the treasury report of $553.62 in the bank.
Our Secretary related having attending the Antique
show at the Florida Fairgrounds this past weekend and
how very impressed she was at the number of vendors
with displays of all kinds. She brought back calendars of
the upcoming antique shows for those interested.
This past month she had a few hours with Margaret
Weller, lifetime member of the club, Treasure Salvager
and wife of Robert Frogfoot Weller, Treasure Salvager
and writer of numerous books on the wrecks of the 1715
Several years ago, Robert (Frogfoot) Weller and his
wife Margaret starting having seminars on the wrecks of
the Treasure Coast. Margaret has carried on this tradition
and again this year 2015 will see another seminar and
information will follow on this one. You can contact
Margaret at 561-588-2903 or by email at
Further discussion with Margaret reintroduced me to the
PLVS VLTRA Newsletter, Edited by Ernie Richard. A
quarterly newsletter with the latest information for the
Treasure Salvage industry. In the newsletter you can find
information on what to look for, where to look, and who is
who in the industry, etc. a must read. $15 a year will keep
you up to date on what is happening. Ed Mitchel also
spoke about the PLVS VLTRA Newsletter and
encouraged our fellow members to subscribe.
Nick Mosca brought in an old newspaper article about
the wrecks in Broward County, he just had to let everyone
in Palm Beach know that Broward has wrecks too. The
copy of the article and map will be placed in the club
library. Anyone wishing a copy please contact Jan
Smirnow, 561-735-8921. Nick further said that the
survivors of the shipwrecks had to make their way to St.
Augustine, not an easy trip especially if they were
burdened with heavy silver or gold, so they must have
dropped stuff and that could be anywhere on the way from
the treasure coast to St. Augustine! So start looking in
different places!
Six members received their Birthday Dollar out of 13
President Nash presented Certificates for Returns to the
rightful owners: Gary Spiroch, Frank Nash and Jan
Jim Sharp volunteered to serve on the Nominating
Committee for 2015 officers. So you all can expect a call,
please seriously consider serving on the Board, you are
needed. This year will see two vacancies, providing
nothing new happens, vacancies are in the Treasurer

position (Ed D’Amato is being transferred to Atlanta,
Georgia) and our wonderful Hunt Mistresses, Linda is
resigning, but she will be continuing with editing the
newsletter. Please volunteer to serve an office, the present
Board will help you! Call JIM SHARP AT . 561-966-6986 or
email Diaryman0829@aol.com.
Submitted by Jan Smirnow

A new raffle was introduced at the September meeting
which is comprised of a 1/10th gold Eagle, a gold Mexican
Dos and an uncirculated Silver Eagle $. The spots are $5
each. The winners will be designated by drawing, lst the
Gold Eagle, 2nd the Dos gold coin and 3rd the Silver Eagle.

1st drawing

VALUED AT $165 +-

2nd drawing

1945 Mexican Dos Pesos
valued at $75 +rd


2007 American Eagle one oz
Silver uncirculated coin