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Helpful Resources
Recently I found a copy of Palm Beach County’s Guide to Services 2017
at my library. It was in the children’s section and free for the taking.
In the back of the magazine type document is a complete listing of all
the parks and beaches for Palm Beach County. Broken down into
segments for the North, Central, South and Western parts of Palm
Beach County. Each park is broken down into the amenities within
that park.
I called Public Affairs at 561-355-2754 to inquire for additional copies,
unfortunately they are awaiting a new shipment, no copies are available. The young lady who took my call indicated that she would send
copies of the park guide to me at my local library and copies of the
entire guide upon her receipt of the new shipment.

counties for possible copies of their guides. I have received ten copies of
the Martin County guide so far (which I will bring for distribution at our April
meeting). St Lucie county will also be sending me copies. As for Broward
no copies are available from them directly but you can go online at
Broward.org and download and print the Broward County Park Finder Map.
Martin County 772-288-5690
St. Lucie County 772-462-1517
Palm Beach County 561-355-2754
Check out the GCTC website for more information:

This incident encouraged me to call Martin, St. Lucie and Broward

Submitted by Jan Smirnow, Secretary GCTC

Training Exercise and Picnic April 23

A Word from the President

The club will be conducting a training exercise and picnic on Sunday
April 23 at 1100 am, with lunch starting around 12 noon.

A big Hello and Thank you to all of the members of the Gold Coast Treasure
Club, for the increase in helping out and attending each month.
We all will strive to have more hunts and other gatherings in the following
months, along with the regular meetings.
Please E-mail me any suggestions or desires that you would like to see.

The location is in Jupiter Farms. There is a large covered pavilion.
Many picnic tables with benches, restrooms, BBQ grills and a large
lake to fish, if so inclined.

Respectfully your president,
There will be several items buried at various depths to be identified
with prizes for the most correct answers. There will also be a planted
hunt with prizes.

Frank Nash

The more experienced members will be there to teach the newer
members .

Ongoing Club Projects

Please RSVP to Frank Nash at PBmetaldetectors@bellsouth.net
by April 17th 2017. Let us know how many will be attending, and if
you will be participating in the detector training.
The park is located at 16655 Jupiter Farms Rd, Jupiter, FL 33478
Take I-95 or the Turnpike to Indiantown Rd. Go west 2 1/2 miles, and
turn left on Jupiter Farms Rd. In 1 mile, turn right on Randolf Siding
Rd. The park entrance will be the first left. We will be meeting at the

Our club collects eye glasses, foreign coins, miscellaneous items of costume jewelry / tokens / metal toys, pull tabs, empty ink cartridges, small
electrical stuff (nothing bigger than a large toaster), cell phones, tape recorders, printers, etc. for recycling. If you have anything to donate, please
see Jan Smirnow.