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AHOY MATES! For those who do not know me, my name is
Jeff Priest, My wife Ellen and I have attended the cookouts
since 2010. At the last cookout, we decided to take over as
hosts of this great event. Plans at this time are a seafood
fest for food. And all proceeds from this event will be donated to the Michael Abt, Jr Have a Heart Foundation.
This year, I will be cooking onsite. We'll be having a variety
of seafood and whatever else I can catch or kill between
now and then. Side dishes or desserts are always welcome
if you can bring one. Please bring lawn chairs if you can, and
your own adult beverages. I will supply water and sodas. As
always pre cookout donations are helpful. I look forward to
seeing everyone again.
Jeff & Ellen Priest
Donations can be sent PayPal jeffpriest@centurylink.net
For more information:
Michael Abt, Jr. Have a Heart Foundation
Mel fisher’s Treasures

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