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The Tinfoil Times

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April 2017 Best Find Winners
Best Gold with Stone
Devin Stehr

Best Gold
Devin Stehr

10k gold ring w/diamonds, blue

10k Earring

Best Silver
Jason Petenbrink

Most Unusual Item
Paul Hamlin

Earrings with CZ Stones

Blingy Ornament

Best Costume
Devin Stehr

Best Coin
Tom Lieberman

Bling Ring with ‘Stones’

Jason Petenbrink

Treasurer Laurie Haire received her first award
Certificate for returning a set of keys to their
rightful owner. It became evident that several
members are unaware of the program regarding
returns to the rightful owner. If you find an item
and are able to return it to the rightful owner,
please let me or one of the other officers know.

1930 Wheat Penny

Devin Stehr

Tom Lieberman

Paul Hamlin