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Stacey deLucia, Irving Smith, Mindy & Gary Spiroch
Missing - Paul Hamlin

Best Gold with Stone
Mindy Spiroch

Most Unusual
Stacey deLucia

Best Gold
Best Silver
Paul Hamlin Gary Spiroch

Best Costume
Gary Spiroch

Best Coin
Gary Spiroch

Good Will Ambassadors Performing

Random Acts of Kindness
The GCTC recognizes members who provide selfless
service to our community. The first time a member
returns an item, that individual receives a metal detecting
pin (handcrafted by Steve Hoskins) to wear on his or her
hat, in addition to a certificate of appreciation. Future
returns are recognized by additional certificates. Kudos
to all club members who go out of their way to return
items to their owners. The actions of each of our
“Ambassadors of Goodwill” enhance the public’s
perception of our hobby!

Repeat Ambassador

The January meeting of the Gold Coast Treasure
Club of West Palm Beach was held on January 10th.
President McNew reminded the membership and guest
that this is the club’s 40th year, and we will be
celebrating this achievement! In each monthly
newsletter, trivia and other events from the club’s
history will be profiled and a scrapbook will be made to
display the older history. Records from the 70’s are
non-existent, 80’s are scarce, if anyone has some older
80’s copies of the newsletter, please contact Linda
Bennett at
In that the Club’s Treasury is an endangered species,
President McNew asked the membership about raising
the membership dues for the year 2014. It was
motioned, second and passed by the membership present
(43) to increase the annual dues to $35 for renewal,
while still charging new members an additional $5 to
defray the cost of registering for the upcoming year
Treasurer Ed D’Amato reported $1075.19 in the bank
and that dues were due by the 31st of January or there
would be an additional $5 fee for lateness.
Secretary Jan Smirnow thanked the membership for
their donations of eyeglasses, ink cartridges and pull
Linda Bennett, Hunt Master, announced that several
hunts are in the offering for those who like to travel.
Information is available at the hunt master's table Linda
further asked the membership to please fill out the form
for the submission of Best Finds each month and
PLEASE be sure to put your name on the back of the
sign up sheet for each entry in each category.
John Presslein - “Read the directions once a year for
the metal detector you are using, you will learn
something.” John realized by reading the directions for
the umpteenth time that he could hunt really successfully
in the Relic mode for rings.
Mindy Spiroch fooled the participating members with
an electric candle for the Mystery Prize Stumper.
The Fifty/Fifty Raffle was a Grand total of $55.00!
The January meeting was adjoined at 9:30 p.m.

Our club collects eye glasses, foreign coins,
miscellaneous items of costume jewelry/tokens/metal
toys, pull tabs, and empty ink cartridges. Give Jan
Smirnow or Linda Bennett your donations.

Frank Nash
Returned Gold Necklace

Thanks to Karen Larson for her donations that will
be used for our annual hunt.