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Winners of these awards were nominated by fellow
members for their “dubious“ actions during the past
 Steve Hamedl received a telescoping pronged
stick to carry while water hunting. The handle is
red so he can wave and hopefully attract
attention when he gets over his head in the water
and needs help. The sharp prongs can be used to
discourage underwater predators or to roast
marshmallows on the beach.

By popular vote, Jack and Jason Petenbrink
received the honor of winning the fourth Annual Broken
Scoop Award for their dubious action of not being
prepared for metal detecting.
Jack and Jason will have to display this award in a
prominent place at their home until the next Holiday
Party in 2013. Hopefully they will be able to pass along
the award at that time to another member.
The scoop was donated by Kevin Reilly of Reilly's
Treasured Gold, Inc. in 2008

 Jack and Jason Petenbrink was given various
tools to use for sand recovery. These items are
to be kept in their car at all times to prevent a
wasted trip to the beach. It was reported that
these two traveled to South Beach, a 1 ½ hr
drive, only to discover that their scoops were not
with their metal detectors. These items can also
be used by visitors for building sand castles at
the beach.

Membership Renewal Form

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 John Lobota accepted his “Not Too Dubious
Award” for his family. A Christmas Tree
Ornament was given to honor the alligator that
lost his life to their minivan one late dark night.
Fortunately the family did not have injuries
although the minivan was totaled.

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Include my address, phone # & e-mail address
in the new club directory.
(Note: members’ names, at least, will be included.
Directory goes to members ONLY.)

Renewal $30
Gold Coast Treasure Club
Gail Hoskins
206 Russell Drive
Lake Worth, FL 33461