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Ben Smith will be hosting a planted hunt with prizes
on Friday, June 24. Since the hunt field will be under the
bridge at Phil Foster Park - there will be plenty of shade.
Most of you are familiar with Ben’s PLANTED
Hunts! They are at the least very interesting! Prizes
approximately 20, save everything you dig, you never
know what Ben decides as to what wins!!
A $5 bill, TWO 50 per cent SILVER half dollars are just
part of the prizes! Don’t miss this one people!
Bring your own lunch and chair.
Cold water and ice will be provided!

Steve Hamedl, Cheryl Petenbrink, Paul Hamlin
Best Gold With Stone
Paul Hamlin

Best Gold
Cheryl Petenbrink

22K with Diamond

14K Gold Bracelet

Best Silver
Paul Hamlin

Most Unusual
Steve Hamedl



Best Costume
Cheryl Petenbrink

Best Coin
Paul Hamlin


Wheat Penny 1916

Second Place
Gold - Gold/silver Band - Steve Hamedl
Silver - Ring - Steve Hamedl
Unusual - Pirates Treasure- April Sovich
Costume - Earrings with Stones - Steve Hamedl
Coin - Cuban Coin - Steve Hamedl

The hunt will start at 9:30 am.
Please no pulse induction machines,
coils larger than 12" or competition
baskets. Headphones are required.
Be sure to sign up for the hunt at next club meeting. If
you can't attend the meeting, then let Linda Bennett know
if you are coming by June 22. Ben plans on the number of
items to be planted based on number of hunters.
Directions to Phil Foster Park
I-95 to Blue Heron Blvd. Go east on
Blue Heron for estimated 4
miles. Cross the bridge over the
intracoastal. At the bottom of the
bridge, turn left into the park.

Not much to report other than at least 15 attended the 15th
of May hunt at the Kennel Club. It was hot and tough
digging, i.e. a lot of trash! Paul Hamlin reported 59 cents,
some costume jewelry and junk. April Sovich - a few
pennies, mostly real junk. Cheryl Petenbrink - some
change and lots of junk. It was also reported that there
were holes left; Cheryl and April covered what they
saw! Please members I know you know the rules, leave
no evidence of your presence!
Please be advised we are not welcome to metal detect the
properties of the Kennel Club on an individual basis, only as a
scheduled club event with the Kennel Club.
The Kennel Club has enough security problems without us
adding to their having to check each individual on the property!
Thanks everyone!
The plan at this time is to return for another event at a
cooler time! Discussion will be held at the June meeting
regarding another event.

Submitted by Jan Smirnow