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All members must have read the last newsletter
and applied the Stout scale on whether to metal
detect this past month. Since only 1 entry was
on the Tall Tales table, the “Hell
must have been used.
Ed D’Amato

Best Coin
1769 Georgivs III Rex - Irish Coin
(Read story in Have Detector, Will Travel)

Good Will Ambassadors
Performing Random Acts of Kindness

Each month, the GCTC recognizes members who
provide selfless service to our community. The first time a
member returns an item, that individual receives a metal
detecting pin (handcrafted by Steve Hoskins) to wear on
his or her hat, in addition to a certificate of appreciation.
Future returns are recognized by additional certificates.
Kudos to all club members who go out of their way to
return items to their rightful owners. The actions of each
of our “Ambassadors of Good Will” enhance the public’s
perception of our hobby and make our club shine!

Returns Recognized at August Meeting

Paul Hamlin
Mans 14k Ring with 5 Diamonds

Our club collects eye glasses, foreign coins,
miscellaneous items of costume jewelry/tokens/metal toys,
pull tabs, and empty ink cartridges. Give Jan Smirnow or
Linda Bennett your donations.

Our August Meeting was attended by 28 members and
former member Guy Bachman. Program for evening was
the second half of Odyssey Marine of Tampa, Florida
donated DVD of the recovery of the USS Republic. The
entire film (first half was viewed at the July Meeting) was
awe inspiring. The video was well done, it made me
personally wish I could have been a part of the endeavor
and I am sure the members in attendance felt the same
way. Proof of how interesting was definitely evident in
that President McNew was unable to adjust the video for
good visibility, we just sat quietly and listened to the
audio portion!
Only one member participated in the Best Finds for the
month. Jan Smirnow will provide the mystery prize for
Hunt Master Linda Bennett spoke of John Lobota’s
club blog. John asked the membership to please use the
blog, it is there for ideas and anything else you might like
to post.
Please check it out http://www.treasurechests.net/.
Linda encouraged the members in attendance to join
the FMDAC (Federation of Metal Detector and
Archaeological Clubs Inc). She stressed the benefits of
individual membership are important to our hobby, for $5
a year you will be kept up to date on important changes in
the laws regarding our hobby by email and will enable the
organization to continue to protect our hobby.
Membership in FMDAC will also allow you to participate
the Fall Convention in Knoxville, Tenn. Oct. 25, 26 7
27TH. For more information please see or call Linda.
Latest news is that Travis Dreisbach and family are
taking care of the club’s library. Thanks Travis, et al we
really needed the help.
Member Paul Hamlin donated 15 goody bags, to be
sold for a $1 a piece, thank you Paul! The goody bags
held surprises, like a working watch, a miniature winch,
sewing supplies, tools and the list goes on!
We still need volunteers for each meeting to help with
greeting members and guest. Any and all help is greatly
appreciated. Special thanks go to Nick Mosca for
assisting me with all the paraphilia I lug to each meeting.
Respectively submitted, Jan Smirnow, Secretary

Do you enjoy a good challenge? If so, then you should
join the quest to master the five challenge levels! This fun
program offers a coin reward simply for finding a specific
group of targets (much like a scavenger hunt) and showing
those finds to the hunt master (Linda Bennett). You can
find information about the challenge levels in your new
member folder or at club meetings. For questions or
explanations, come early to a meeting and speak with