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Vol. 95 Sex:Gender Influences on Nervous System Function.pdf

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Research Articles

Estradiol Shifts Interactions Between the Infralimbic Cortex and Central Amygdala To
Enhance Fear Extinction Memory in Female Rats. Lisa Y. Maeng, Kara K. Cover,
Mohamad B. Taha, Aaron J. Landau, Mohammed R. Milad,
´ n-Milad
and Kelimer Lebro
Published online 7 November 2016


Magnetoencephalography Study of Different Relationships Among Low- and
High-Frequency-Band Neural Activities During the Induction of Peaceful and Fearful
Audiovisual Modalities Among Males and Females. Chia-Yen Yang
and Ching-Po Lin
Published online 7 November 2016


Complementarity of Sex Differences in Brain and Behavior: From Laterality to Multimodal
Neuroimaging. Ruben C. Gur and Raquel E. Gur
Published online 7 November 2016


Sex on the Brain: Are Gender-Dependent Structural and Functional Differences Associated
with Behavior? Anna Grabowska
Published online 7 November 2016


Sex Differences In Nonhuman Primate Behavioral Development. Elizabeth V. Lonsdorf
Published online 7 November 2016

Research Article

Sex Differences in Social Cognition: The Case of Face Processing. Alice Mado Proverbio
Published online 7 November 2016


Sex and Gender Affect the Social Brain: Beyond Simplicity. Marina A. Pavlova
Published online 26 September 2016

Research Article

Sex, Age, and Sex Hormones Affect Recall of Words in a Directed Forgetting Paradigm.
¨ llner, Birgit Ebner, Nikolaus Bresgen,
Hubert H. Kerschbaum, Ildiko Hofbauer, Anna Gfo
and Karl-Heinz T. Ba
Published online 7 November 2016


Sex Differences in Animal Models of Decision Making. Caitlin A. Orsini
and Barry Setlow
Published online 7 November 2016

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