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Gary McNew was hunting the slopes at Lake Worth
Beach and found a cell phone. Gary explains: “It was wet and
caked with sand with no sign of life to it. At home my son
comes in to inspect my finds, sees the phone, picks it up and
says, ‘Oh cool, you found a phone, and it works too!’
Heather looked through the contacts and found one labeled
“DAD.” She called it and a man answered. She told him that I
had found this phone on the beach. He told us that it was his
teenage daughter’s phone that she had lost the weekend
before, and apparently it was the third one she had lost this
year. I met him later that day and returned the phone to him
and was rewarded with $20 and a big thank you.”

With forty-six members in attendance, President Mindy
Spiroch called the November meeting of the Gold Coast
Treasure Club to order by recognizing the many Veterans at
our meeting. Guests were Edward Mitchell, Bruce Harner,
David Pilot, Vladimir Nedashkovskiy, Kathy Ayon,
Michelle Denski and Cathy Wenner
Mindy apologized to those in attendance regarding the last
minute change in the program due to a death in the family of
Red Cross volunteer Jennifer Plant. Mindy asked those
present to share any “tall tales” and funny stories related to
their metal detecting adventures. Those present pitched in
with the following previously untold stories:
Ed D’Amato – “I received a 1924 Silver Quarter in
change the other day! I told the clerk that it was valuable. I
don’t think it was understood. He replied, ‘a quarter is a
quarter.’ I answered back, ‘No, it is not!’”
Nikolay Malchev – “I have a friend who works at Publix.
She collects the change and finds valuable coins. One time
she actually found a gold coin!”
Nick Mosca – “A lady at Walgreen's found enough
Mercury silver dimes to make three rolls. I bought them from
Guy Bachman - “I was hunting Delray Beach. Normally I
stop and talk, but this day it was just too hot, so when a kid
asked me ‘What are you doing?’ I replied, ‘Looking for
Landmines from WWII!’ The kid spread it around to his
friends. Before long, 50 people left the beach. Good for me!”
Gary McNew brought in Sea Beans that he collected the
past weekend. A vast array of seeds was pushed onto the
beaches from the westward winds as they travel north in the
Gulfstream current from South America. Gary carried his
scoop to collect the seeds. Even with no metal detector in his
hand, he was constantly approached by fellow beach goers
asking if he had found anything. For more info about seeds,
Gary recommends two books, Florida’s Living Beaches and
Sea Beans from the Tropics. (If interested, check with Paul
Hamlin. He sells the books at his store, Seashore Gifts in
Lantana, and will give club members a discount.)
John Presslein - “On our way here, we stopped in
Chicago overnight and stayed a very nice hotel with a beach.
The morning we were ready to leave, I walked outside and
found a beautiful diamond bracelet - without my detector! I
was so excited; I immediately went back to the room and

showed Carol. She took one look and said, ‘Thank you John!
It is mine. I must have lost it last night after dinner when we
went for our stroll!”
Paul Hamlin - “Working in the water, I was asked to find
a lady’s ring. After forty-five minutes of looking, I asked
where their things on the beach were. Sure enough, I found
the ring under the blanket where she was sitting!”
Tom Lieberman was metal detecting at Spanish River
when a lady approached him and asked if he would help her
find her keys. Being that the lady was panicky, Tom tried to
calm her down and started searching for her keys. After
about an hour of looking, he told her that he was sorry, but
maybe the keys were picked up by someone already. He
asked her to search her clothing, just to be sure. Guess what!
They were in her back pocket! Tom said to the lifeguard,
“They’re always in the last place you look!”
Tip Of The Month – Paul Hamlin advised all Excal users
not to set their sensitivity too high and to be sure that the
cable is wound snugly. A loose coil will cause false signal
noises in the water. He advised the members to keep the coil
protector on and to be sure to clean it often, because the sand
and salt collecting under the cover will interfere with the
machine functioning properly. He further suggested not to
run the Excal in “auto.” Turn the threshold on about 2/3 of
the way and then adjust sensitivity until it sounds
comfortable. “I’ll take a low tone anytime,” Paul said, adding,
“Read your manuals, and slow down!”
Nomination Committee – Paul Hamlin reported on the
calls the committee made. Only one volunteer, Ed D’Amato,
stepped forward. Ed was elected to the Treasurer’s position
for the incoming year 2010. Our present Treasurer, Ken
Lubinski, is moving to the panhandle of Florida. Ken will
maintain his membership with the club and promises to drop
in when he is in town.

November birthday celebrants Les Batts, Gay Konnagan,
Tom Lieberman and Frank Nash each received a gold
presidential dollar for attending the meeting during their
birthday month. Happy Birthday!

Joseph Cook (12/7)
Brenda Dickerson (12/18)
Carol Presslein (12/27)
Laura Reilly (12/23)
Jack Saint (12/26)
Jarrett Spiroch (12/6)
John Zabriske (12/26)