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With 38 in attendance, President Mindy Spiroch
welcomed guests Kathy and Phil Marro from
Hollywood (South Florida Treasure Hunter’s Club
members) and new members Tessa Durand and Ed D'
Amato from Wellington. Carmelo Basilico was the
lucky winner of the $50 Publix Gift Card raffle.
Congratulations, Carmelo!
The board of directors had to think fast to come up
with a program when Jennifer Plant – who was
scheduled to present a much anticipated program on
CPR – didn’t arrive. (Gary McNew later reported that
Jennifer had an accident on the way to our meeting, but
she is, thankfully, alright. We will reschedule.) Members
and guests were invited to share tall tales and tips, which
everyone seemed to enjoy. Highlights are provided
below and elsewhere in this newsletter. Thank you, Ken
Lubinski, for providing wonderful refreshments!

John Presslein reported that Irving Smith recently
traveled to Rome for a vacation. He took his metal
detector with him, but was disappointed that he couldn’t
find anywhere to detect – there was no beach!
Stacey deLucia told about metal detecting Palm
Beach during a period of bad rip currents. She witnessed
the rescue of four victims. Unfortunately, one man died.
Jim Smith was asked by a lifeguard at Lantana
Beach to look for an ear cuff style diamond earring that
was lost along the Dunes Café wall. He was
unsuccessful. Jim said the lifeguard snorkels and finds
lost items in the crevices of the rocks just off shore.

Jason Petenbrink recently got stung in the neck by a
jellyfish while water hunting. He recommends that water
hunters carry ammonia and Benadryl with them to the
beach for first aid, in case they get stung.
Nick Mosca recommends the use of Accent (meat
tenderizer) for a first aid treatment for jellyfish stings.
Just make a paste and glob it on the stung area. Vinegar
is also a good choice.
Joe Cook recommends soaking corroded pennies in a
vinegar and salt mixture for a few hours. This will clean
up the corrosion.
Mindy Spiroch opened an account at BankAtlantic
so she could use the coin counting machine free of
charge. She then deposits the money into her account.
Non-account holders are charged an 8 percent fee for the
service. Mindy also said she deposits any damaged coins
that the machine rejects and the bank reimburses her at
face value for them.
Tom Lieberman has discovered that the coin
machine he uses will keep any corroded dimes instead of
discarding them like it does for other types of coins, but
he doesn’t get cash credit for those corroded dimes.


Silver Bar – Eddie D’Amato
Minelab Pouch – Gary McNew
Collectibles Software – Paul Hamlin
Minelab Pouch – Jim Smith
Restaurant Coupon – Linda Bennett
Restaurant Coupon – Lydia Cook
Club Pen – Ben Smith
Flashlight – Jerry Laur
Lottery Scratch-off – Stacey deLucia
Wallet – Cheryl Petenbrink
Wallet – Kathy Marro
Donations of items for our monthly drawings are
always appreciated! Thank you to the following donors:
Ben Smith – scratch-off lottery ticket; John Lobota –
restaurant coupon.

Jerry Laur won $46 for his share of the 50/50
drawing. Congrats, Jerry!!!
New members often wonder “WHAT the heck is a Mystery
Item?” Each month one club member volunteers to try to
stump fellow members by choosing a secret item (thus the
mystery!) that is revealed after the break. If an item in a
member's Tall Tales Table display matches the mystery item,
that member wins a silver quarter! So it pays to bring ALL
your finds! Sorry gang…the person supplying the Mystery
Item does not get the silver quarter if they stump the club.
BUT, they DO get a free door prize ticket for their effort!

May’s Mystery Item was supplied by Jim Sharp and
he stumped everyone with a collar stay. WTG, Jim!

May birthday celebrants Trent Bowen and Lydia
Cook both received a gold Presidential dollar for
attending the meeting during their birthday month.
Happy Birthday, guys!

Eddie D'Amato (6/5)
Paul Hamlin (6/9)
Kenneth Lubinski (6/14)
Karen Schneider (6/3)
Margaret Weller (6/16)